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Purging of WarZone Radio changelog

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- Reputation (Taylor Swift)

- After Laughter (Paramore)

- A best of compilation of Twenty One Pilots.

- A best of complilation of Coldplay.

- Added a best of compilation of Kensington.

- Added a Christmas category in preperation for Christmas.

- Added a pushed songs category, which has been attuned to play hits from all kinds of genre's, whether it was Throwback Thursday's or just liked songs.


- Added Human & Skin from Rag'N'Bone man.

- Added Fireflies from Owl City



- Moved over the AutoDJ system to a clockwheel category rotation system.

- Removed the promo adverts for now (Mostly due to their 1 minute + length.)

- Moved the news to queue one minute after the hour, instead of 15.

- Removed all the Sabaton songs and replaced them with a best off compilation.

- Removed all Billy Talent songs and replaced them with a best off compilation.

- Removed all Billy Idol songs and replaced them with a best off compilation.

- Removed all Metallica songs and replaced them with a best off compilation.

- Removed the whole Linkin park discography and replaced them with a best off compilation.



- Cleaned up various duplicate files (I'm sure there are many more around but whatever, it's a start :P)

- Cleaned up songs that didn't have any metadata and or corrupted metadata set (If any of these were requested and are now missing feel free to re-request them)


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