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(NEW) Social Media Giveaway #7

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This Week we are going to be trailing a new system for the giveaway, This weeks giveaway contains a Pair of Icarus Fell Gloves and relies on points. The more points you receive the higher chances of winning you have, Every point gained will add your name one more time to the draw for example with 1 point you shall be entered once with 4 you shall be entered 4 times. Any feed back on this new system will be greatly appreciated. Good luck to everyone and don't forget to Comment your In game name & Steam ID, If entering with Facebook or twitter PM me your names!The giveaway shall close at 7:00pm Sunday 8/10 Winner selected by 9:00pm.

Icuras Fell Gloves: https://warzone.gg/viewitem?id=708

* If you have entered a previous Social Media giveaway this is not needed *

Note: Any personal information PM to me shall be kept private.

How to earn points Spoiler Below;


Points in brackets next to task;

Like and follow WarZone Facebook Page (1)

Like and follow WarZone Twitter Page (1)

Like the giveaway post or tweet (2)

Like / Rate this post (1)

Anymore Ideas of how to enter PM me!!


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IGN: TheSinkingSponge

Steam ID:  STEAM_0:0:204677816


Good Luck Everyone :)


PS. I have been getting really crappy internet for a few days now and I'm hoping to get it sorted out very soon.

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This new system doesn't really work tbh... I assume everyone that entered wasn't too lazy and did all the simple tasks to get all the points possible so it basically equals out to still having the same chances to win... 

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Perhaps make like daily tasks that can only be done that day to increase points. It would make players compete more and be more active. Not sure what the tasks could be tho... maybe some quizes with a timer for example:

What is the gloves | fade quicksell price a)b)c).. and 10secs to guess it


or anything else since that system would take some time to do and I have little to none creativity...

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