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Social Media Giveaway #5

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We are at the 5th Giveaway ALREADY?!!! We are now beginning the 5th week of Social media giveaways and i thought it should be slightly special, Therefor i shall be giving away a pair of Dusk Fade Gloves that are yet to be unboxed!! The giveaway shall close at 7:00pm Sunday 24/09 Winner selected by 9:00pm

To enter the giveaway you must;

1. Comment your In game name & Steam ID Or Steam link

2. Like & Follow WarZone Facebook page Or Follow WarZone Twitter ( Links below )

3. Like the giveaway Post or Tweet

4. PM me your name you did step 2 with ( Your Facebook / Twitter Name ) **

Note: Any personal information PM to me shall be kept private.

Dusk Fade Gloves : https://warzone.gg/viewitem?id=839

** If you have entered a previous Social Media giveaway Step 4 is not needed **


Twitter: https://twitter.com/warzonegg

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/warzone.gg/

Twitter Giveaway Post: 



FaceBook Giveaway Post: 


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CONGRATULATIONS @TheSinkingSponge YOU HAVE WON A PAIR OF Dusk Fade Gloves!!!!!!


@Chaotix you have been awarded a Ancient Money Briefcase as you have entered all 5 of the social media giveaways so far. Congrats!!!!

You shall receive your items within the next 24 hours

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