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Change Log 11/08/2017 - Update 11.8

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|WZ| ZeRo    415

Garry's Mod

  • Added Dropdown UI system
  • Made some Store UI Changes
    • Store, Inventory, Community Market and Trading are now full buttons with text
    • Added a more button with Preview, Stats, Tradeup Contracts, Collections and Key Activation.
    • Removed the search icon
    • Updated the search box with placeholder text.
  • Added an Inventory Picker
  • Updated Gift Item to use the new Inventory Picker System
  • Updated Player to Player trading to use the new Inventory Picker System.
  • Fixed an issue in the command system where shorter commands that start with the same letter would get picked wrongly.
  • Added Product Key system
  • Stats are now sent to the client instantly on case drops, reflecting the current case drop count.
  • All Custom player models are now disabled on Stronghold due to most having Hitbox and Hitreg issues.
  • Added Meetup 2016 - Hamburg Coin
  • Added Meetup 2017 - Ipswich Coin
  • Implemented Double Case drops as part of Double XP

Timer Base (Once zoning changes are completed)

  • More zoning tools for zoners
  • !b / !bonus you can now specify a bonus number to go to.
  • Changed Scoring. Completing the map without improving time will no longer give out points.
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