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Dan's Introduction

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I've been on Warzone for about a week, give or take, now. And I've had a really great time so far, I figured I'd make an introduction to give most people a brief overview of who I am.

My name is Dan, and I live in Sweden, Malmö. I live at home with my mother, and my dogs (One shitty Chihuahua, one Amstaff, and a Black Labrador), and they're fucking awesome, aight? Animals rock.

I am currently studying in school to further my education towards training Service Dogs / Drug Dogs / Police Dogs. The past two years, I've worked at a Doggy Daycare / Rehabilitation Center, where I mostly spent my time taking care of aggressive dogs.

So far, it appears that my voice is rather liked (Even though I dislike it!), so hey, I like to play around with my voice, let me know if you want some fun ( ;););) ).

Some things I love are Music, Animals in general, Reading books, and last but not least, Video games (Wow! I had no clue! :o ).

I guess that sums up a somewhat brief introduction. I am perfectly willing to answer -ANY- questions no matter what they are, I have very few things that I don't share. :)

Feel free to add me on Steam if you wish! Just let me know who you are :) http://steamcommunity.com/id/mr_twd/

Same goes for Discord: SweDan (Mr.TwD)#6893


Yours sincerely, Dan



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I'm so glad you're finally introduced yourself.

But one thing I don't understand, is that you hate your voice, your voice is great ^^

Stay as long as you want :D 

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Dan's the man!

Welcome (officially) to WarZone Gaming. I had no idea you liked animals so much. #DogsRule :emofdr:

Hope you stick around for much much longer, cause you're awesome.

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I'm in Love with the shape of Dan :3

Your are nice , your voice is awesome!

Pls stay and never leave <3

we need somebody like you :D

and i know sometimes i'm rude in gmod sry for that XD

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I've seen you around alot on ts and on the servers, you fit in well. 

Apart from your sexy voice, you seem like a great guy. I hope you'll like it here and stay around for a long time. 

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