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Changelog 03/08/2017 - Update 11.6

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This contains the change log for both Update 11.5 and the newly released 11.6

  • Update 11.5
  • Updated Chicken Names
  • Admins can now choose to spoof avatar and name independently in the !options menu
  • Noclip and Godmode has now been restricted to Manager+ in Stronghold
  • Removed the HL2 crosshair in Stronghold
  • Changed the chances of getting a Briefcase | Standard
  • Updated Map Vote winning screen, the two semi-transparent bars now blur the image behind and now fits in with our new design language
  • Added Pre-voting support to Surf Deathmatch. Players now have the option to extend the current map by 5 rounds.
  • Update 11.6
  • Added the new DarkRP case - Info: https://warzone.gg/viewitem?id=1041
  • When sending an item to a player, the StatTrak kills now reset.
  • Filtering is now out of Beta:
    • Filters now work on all items in the Inventory page.
    • Added an option for filter by Weapon (AK-47, AUG, AWP, G3SG1 etc)
    • When filtering, your filter selections are displayed at the top in green boxes (Similar to the Community Market)
  • Disabled the Third Person module on Timer, Surf & Bunny Hop
  • Added new Third Person style to Surf & BunnyHop
  • New Surf Map: surf_gornot_wz (Tier 1, has a lot of pictures of Gornot in there ;) )
  • Moved Player Models to Workshop Download. This should also fix other download issues people have been experiencing.

Surf Zone Changes

  • Surf_trance - Start zone too high - Fixed the start not being on the ground properly. Fixed the end so it was closer to the end block instead half on.
  • On surf_minuet there are two start zones. One of them is set too high. - Fixed height of both zones so they're equal and on the floor properly.
  • extended the height of the endzone on surf_leet_xl_beta7z_ow
  • Made the end zone on surf_legends_lite_ow easier to actually get to
  • Changed the end zone height on surf_life_of_duck_ow for a more accurate time
  • Changed height of start zone on surf_kitsune so it doesn't make the starting noise each time you press R
  • surf_ spacejam_ow Changed the bonus start + end so they're closer to the start and finish lines for more accurate times. Moved the start closer to the edge
  • surf_rebel_resistance_csgo_wz - Added a teleport to start at the top of the spawn, moved endzone into the actual teleporter for more accurate times
  • surf_rebel_resistance_ow - Added 2 bonus'
  • surf_network_2008_final_ow - Added a bonus
  • surf_aether_ow - Neatened up the end zone.
  • surf_rebel_scaz_ow - Moved the end zone so its actually in the teleporter for a more accurate time. Also moved the Bonuses so @Screamoheart doesn't yell at me ;-;
  • surf_kitsune2_ow - Fixed all of the stage zones and made the start zone a little higher.
  • surf_dusk_ow - Needs to be removed, broken shit dark map.
  • surf_how2surf_ow - Extended the height of the end zone for a more accurate time.

Bunny Hop Zoning Changes

  • Bhop_aamu : Added a Starting- and Endzone.
  • Bhop_aquatic_V1 : Increased the height and length of the Starting zone.
  • Bhop_areaportal_V1 : The starting zone and Bonus 2 zones were off.
  • Bhop_Autobadges : Added a Starting- and Endzone.
  • Bhop_Aztec : Increased the size of both zones and also fixed jumping out of the map. Removed the shortcut, can come back with a request and another vote. - Scoreboard will be reset.
  • Bhop_Autobadges_ausbhop :  stage 3 and 10 now have working checkpoints. (Instead of jumping before triggering it.)
  • Bhop_Badges_mini : Added all the zones: Start, end and all the 19 checkpoints (;-;)
  • Bhop_cartoons : Exploit has been removed: Spamming "!r" bind and glitching on a wall with the end-zone - Scoreboard will be Reset.
  • Bhop_cobblestone : End-zone is no longer off, start-zone height increased.
  • Bhop_combine : Increased the height of the Start-zone and added the bonus.
  • Bhop_dots : No longer falling out of the map and walk on the walls at the end.
  • Bhop_Dust_V2 : Removed the Exploit: climbing on a box to reach the wall and jump to the end-zone from there. Made the start-zone a bit wider.
  • Bhop_Dusttemple_beta : End-zone more to the front since it was too far back.
  • Bhop_Dusty : Removed a teleporting to the end-zone bug. ( Decreased the end-zone length, and replace the back part with a teleport to spawn.)
  • Bhop_Easyhop : Added a Start- and End-zone
  • Bhop_EaZy : Made the start-zone a bit bigger. The exploit has been removed: spamming "!r" bind and glitching on a wall to walk from there to the end-zone.  - Scoreboards will be reset.
  • Bhop_Eazy_V2 : Added the bonus
  • Bhop_Fairworld_beta1 : Made the End-zone more accurate and Increased the height of the start-zone
  • Bhop_freakin : Added the bonus
  • Bhop_gameexe : Replaced Stage-zone since it didn't work properly.
  • Bhop_gismo_fix2 : Added the 2nd bonus.
  • Bhop_glassy : Removed exploit : Stage 3 climbing on a wall to reach the end-zone and skipping half of the stage.
  • Bhop_gloomy : Added the bonus. Removed the open area behind the spawn - Request to put it back is allowed, yet I don't see the purpose. 
  • Bhop_haddock: Added the Bonus 
  • Bhop_island_final : Falling in the water with the ladder teleports you back to the spawn ( You got stuck in it and had to reset anyway), The bonus timer is no longer running while standing in the zone. The door at the end of the bonus teleports you back to the spawn ( I'm a bit special :3)
  • Bhop_k26000_b2 : End-zone is more accurate and falling out the map will teleport you to the start-zone
  • Bhop_metal_V2 : Increased height of the start-zone. Increased height of the stage zones since they didn't register.
  • Bhop_miku_v2 : Increased the height of the stage zones
  • Bhop_Militia : Increased height of the start-zone
  • bhop_Militia_V2 : Increased the height of the start-zone with a little but now the time isn't running when jumping. Made the end-zone more accurate 
  • bhop_Monster_jam : Increased height of stage-zone 6 and added the bonus.
  • bhop_mp_stairs_dev : Made the start-zone mroe accurate 
  • bhop_muchfast : Made the start and end-zone more accurate. Added the bonus.
  • Bhop_overground_fix : Made the Start-zone, bonus start and bonus end more accurate. The "Top" Portal at the end teleports you to the spawn.  Removed exploit: Player could use the ladders in the spawn to climb on the walls and run towards the end.
  • bhop_paisaweeaboo_beta3 : Increased height of stage zone 5. Added stage 6 to 12. Added end-zone
  • bhop_patq_texture : Added checkpoints
  • bhop_pro_hopper_mp : Increased height of start-zone. End-zone is a bit more foward on the platform
  • bhop_quad_hard : decreased the length of the start-zone since the 1st stage was impossible. Added stage zones. added end-zone
  • bhop_reborn : Increased height of stage-zones
  • Bhop_redwood : Added the bonus.
  • Bhop_rollin_v1 : Increased height of all the stage-zones.
  • Bhop_slope : Increased height of both zones.
  • Bhop_smokee_2_fix : Made the Start-zone more accurate. Added 3 bonusses
  • Bhop_speedrun_aztec : Made the start-zone more accurate. Added checkpoints.
  • Bhop_speedrun_valley : Made the start-zone more accurate. Added stage zones.
  • bhop_sqee: made the start-zone more accurate. Added the stage-zones. added end-zone. Added bonus.
  • bhop_suddenfire : Added end-zone. Added bonus.
  • bhop_tasku : made the end-zone more accurate. Added bonus.
  • bhop_the_bulb : removed a useless room behind the start-zone. Made the start-zone more accurate.
  • bhop_timerenthusiast : Stopped the timer running in start-zone.
  • bhop_timerexpertise : Added start-zone. added end-zone.
  • bhop_twisted : made the start-zone more accurate
  • bhop_unyielding : Made the stage zones higher.
  • bhop_winter : made the start-zone and end-zone more accurate
  • bhop_woody : made the start and end zone more accurate

Removed BHop Maps

  • bhop_Exodus_fix
  • bhop_lego
  • bhop_sahara
  • bhop_thc_gold
  • bhop_toc

For additional zone feedback. see:


Bunny Hop: 


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