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Best Ban Appeals & How to Ban Appeal

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Since I lost my own laptop and I basically have too much time now, I thought I'd go through ALL ban appeals since April (ban appeals before that got /removed) and look for the funniest ban appeals and comments. And for players, there are some examples here about how you SHOULD NOT make a ban appeal ;) 



After finding out he won't be unbanned: "so you ban people PERMANENTLY for ACCIDENTAL rdm???????" 

Yes, if you accidently rdm so much you have a shitload in your history, then yes, you can get permabanned for "accidental rdm" :emofdr: 






A perfect example of how to get your ban appeal instantly declined.



And the first admin comment is gonna be @Viledas, who starts off with a meme reference to someone who got banned for disrespecting: "If you react like this in the real world when something happens that you don't like, then you are going to have a bad time!"





Making ban appeals like this is also unadvisable. I mean we're gonna read it anyway, no need to use bigger font



Another comment from a banned guy after his appeal got declined: "Am I allowed to make another appeal in the future or you guys gonna be total dicks about an Innocent mistake."

Once your ban appeals gets declined, there's no point in making another one. 



When a player keeps commenting after his ban appeal got declined, @Not Alfred reminded him of the situation: "Looks like you missed the memo. Declined."



Part of some player's "Why should you get unbanned" reason: "i have a list of medications aswell which contol my mental health i have ADHD and mental disabilites its not an excuse but im trying to be mature" 

Looks like being unable to use punctuation can also be added to that list :emofdr: 



Another excuse: "and as always the admin hated us"

Just FYI, we admins don't hate the people we ban. We simply don't care about them since they're ruining the fun for others, it'd be a waste to actually spend time hating that person. Rule-breakers are not special, I mean in my case they're just one in a thousand ;) 



"although my beef was with Archilles himself, I was saying that in my country (the netherlands) no one gives a crap if you say the N word not black people or white people"

When you're trying to bullshit your way out of a bad situation by telling racism is not a big deal in your own country, but the admin is from the same country :emofdr:  

And in the same appeal:

"so Archilles if you read this I think that you should get demoted not only cause he over-reacts allot but also because unlike admins like @FaZe Taylor Swift who is nice to people he is actually really selfish and (sorry for bad language) a real c*nt as I like to say" 

Pay close attention players, insulting an admin in your ban appeal is not a smart thing to do. Not only will you not be taken seriously, the chance of your appeal getting declined increases with roughly 52%

But after finishing his ban appeal, he instantly comments on it with: 

"Sorry Archilles if you read this for calling you a c*nt that was (what I think) the best word for me to discribe you so sorry again..." 




"i think you should talk to @Megasubbie about banning as i was looking at the bans i seen that he doesnt ban for right amounts i should have been ban for a day"

Another tip: Never asume anything about our procedures and how we handle things. If you were banned for too long or for an unvalid reason, the management team will make sure you get unbanned, but please don't try to tell us we "should talk" to a certain admin, or what he can and can't ban you for.



This was all someone wrote in the "Why should we unban you" part of a ban appeal: "i have 4 chances no 5 i get kick in round but im in this round traitor"

Always make sure you make clear what the situation was (from your perspective). The admin will react and do the same but from his perspective. In this example, it's NOT clear what the fuck happend x)

And obviously, you deserve comments like this one from @Gornot: "Explained like a pro."



Another way to react on your ban appeal getting declined: "btw your dads dead and your mums a whale innit"



@TOMANDPC sums most of the bans up with a single sentence: "'I am a fair player and do not cheat' - gets banned by the anti-cheat system for cheating ._. "



"Because Firstly ur servers are amazing and I wish to learn from my mistakes and never do it again. plus i have a bunch of cool skins :)))" 

Something many people do not get, is that there's literally no use of having a lot of warzone money and nice skins if you can't follow the rules. And it's definitally not a reason to be unbanned.






Admins don't ban because they're salty because you killed them some times. Also, something many players don't realize is that they can't always see what an admin does to check if someone is breaking the rules. Saying you got banned for no reason and saying the admin who banned you didn't check anything is just dumb.







I don't think I have to explain this one







This was some guy who kept appealing non-stop, so we kept declining non-stop. Guess who won :emofdr: 






In a ban appeal by @Bloody Biscuits we met this lovely hacker :D 


@Not Alfred had the fitting reaction that day





Additional Comments

"Gone watch Anime now."

Uhm... Ok I guess



@Gornot reacts on another hacker: "Your notion that admins ban people without evidence is both hilarious and ignorant as fuck. *sigh* when will people learn?"

I'm afraid they never will Gornot :/



Player got got banned for ghosting starts his application with: "Yes I was ghosting with my friend but" 

I mean, anything that comes after this doesn't matter. You got banned for ghosting you and admitted doing it. 



Player who I banned for racism: "well you should unban me cus all i said was nigga which firsty is not racist ok nigger is but i did not say that" 

Uhm :thonk: yeah....

At least I could react with: I'm a bully and nigga isn't racist. Thanks for ruining your own ban appeal so I won't have to." :) 



A player reacting after discussing his ban back and forth with me: "Fair enough I respect your decision and expect a fair decision from the manager, even if it doesn't favor me"

Yes, thank god some people do understand how to react. 






When you don't have enough time to end the round, but you do have time to check to see you're banned AND to make a ban appeal :emofdr: 






And one of the funniest things is, when a player makes a ban appeal for a temporary ban, and fucks it up so badly (most of the times by insulting the staff) their ban gets extended to a permanent ban.

This happend again yesterday, and like the legend he is, @ZeRo finished him off perfectly:




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Behind the Scenes of Management. It's depressing that I can remember all of these pretty clearly .______.

Edited by Not Alfred

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I know, right? I might forget the names (because I don't give a shit), but every once in a while if I go through my ban list I'm always like: ugh, this rotten cumstain played ISIS music; lmao this guy actually applied for mod but is aimbotting; oh yeah, this was a 6 man team all cheaters :emofdr:

Gud tiems

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Well, he was having a bad time already, so I was already stating the obvious. As Gornot said, you remember almost all of your bans (and appeals), which makes for good times when scrolling back through them! Very nice guide/list though! I would rate it a solid 5/7!

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Sometimes I wish I can just see the ban appeals and laugh at the stupidity some of these people have. It's astonishing really.

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When someone doesn't learn from their declined application and posts another just as bad, I like to get creative with my responses:


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