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  1. Here are a few useful YouTube key combinations: I only tested them on Windows 10, in Firefox 50.1.0. Most of these only work if you're focused on the video (Click on the video to do so). I hope some of these may help you! Action Shortcut Toggle play/pause the video k or Spacebar(in focus) Move to comment section Spacebar(out of focus) Go back 5 seconds ← Go back 10 seconds j Go forward 5 seconds → Go forward 10 seconds l Go to percentage of video (4=40%, 9=90%) Numbers 1-9 (not the keypad numbers) Restart video 0 (not the keypad number) Toggle FullScreen mode f Exit FullScreen mode Escape Go to beginning of video Home Go to end of video End Increase volume 5% ↑ Decrease volume 5% ↓ Increase speed Shift+> (may not work in all browsers) Decrease speed Shift+< (may not work in all browsers) Move forward 1 frame when video is paused . (period) Move backward 1 frame when video is paused , (comma) Mute/unmute m Toggle captions c Cycle through caption background colors b Move to the previous video in a playlist Shift+p Move to the next video in a playlist Shift+n Cycle forwards trough buttons on page Tab Cycle backwards trough buttons on page Shift + Tab Select button on page Enter/Spacebar Go into search bar / Increase CC font size + Decrease CC font size - Increase speed > Decrease speed <
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