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Found 12 results

  1. Kitty Cat

    Surf and Surf DM maps

    Hello all, since the new CSGO update, they have allowed CSGO maps to be played on gmod without going into hammer and doing things to convert them so we can put them on gmod. We can now play CSGO maps on gmod easily. If you don't have CSGO, you can now download it for free on steam, its not the full version but it should give you the textures required to see CSGO maps on gmod. If that still fails to work, or you just simply cant join because it says you don't have the map, or your version differs from the server, you can ask in our Discord support channel for the map and we might be able to give you the map file for it. You can expect new maps soon for both Surf and Surf DM. So here you can suggest Surf and Surf DM maps from CSGO and CSS. (Normal surf maps can be a Surf DM map, but we may have to modify it slightly, like forbidden ways.) Also some T2 maps that get suggested may get put on the T1 server depending on how difficult/easy they are.
  2. I need your opinions for an idea I've had with the surf start and finish zones. Do you think I should lower the start and finish zones so people cant exploit the start zones? It could possibly give the main replay bot a better replay for you, because it would show from the start to end. No hidden things behind the start zone. (Apart from maps that let you gain a permanent speed boost at the start like aircontrol) If you have any questions, feel free to post them below.
  3. TheJuicer

    Hey everyone :)

    Hey everyone im a newbie, but you already knew that. My name is The Juicer but i also used to go by Deadkat and Deadkill, SUP (if you want my real name you need to find me on steam also im 20 lel). Just found warzones Surf Deathmatch server, Was super interested because I used to be a super admin on a deathmatch surf server, maybe some people here might remember, it was ran by RIOT but they have since shut down. Anyway hoping we can get some players on there sometime, youll most likely find me on there.
  4. The last few ranks on the Surf server (maybe the ranking is used on another server too, but I don't know) sound pretty lame. Globalist and Stoner? Beast might be okay, but should be placed a little lower. I'd rather stay "Immortal" instead. To be honest, except for "Veteran", everything between "Godlike" and "Immortal" sounds so much better than the last few... I think the order should be changed.
  5. Kitty Cat


    Me and a few other players have been talking about surf_classics and some don't like it, some do. I personally don't like it because it has way too many ramp glitches for such a long map. The idea of putting all the classic surf maps into one was a great idea, it was just executed poorly.
  6. Kitty Cat

    Surf Zone Feedback

    Hey all, I've recently started zoning the surf maps and I would like some feedback on the current ones. For those of you that don't know, zoning is the start (green), stages, bonus (blue) and end (red) boxes of the map. I want to know what you dislike about them, for example, I was once on a map and the start zone wasn't properly on the floor, so the timer would start even when in the start zone and you had to jump to reset. Please state the map, zone and problem. For example: Map: Surf_year3000_ow Zone and problem: Timer still counting at the start even though i'm in the zone.
  7. Vaporeonus


    The secret of surf_kitsune Welcome to a quick guide on how to activate the secret on the popular surf map surf_kitsune. This will teach you how to make everyone on the server have epileptic seizures step-by-step. IMPORTANT: If you fail even once during activating it, you have to start again from 1. or it will not work. At the start of the map, don't walk into the red doorway, but turn around and walk through the wall. Then, walk into the rainbow doorway and step on the launchpad. This will launch you forward, so prepare to press "s" to stop before you fly through the red door. Now, walk through the red door and touch this zone: Doing this will teleport you to the second stage. In the 2nd stage, first jump onto the goal platform and touch this zone: Then, jump back and touch this zone: This will, once again, teleport you to the next stage. There, you first jump onto the goal platform, touching this zone: and then, you jump back down and touch this zone: 4th stage: As usual, jump onto the goal platform: BUT MAKE SURE YOU KEEP YOUR MOMENTUM! And then, jump into one of these zones: In the 5th stage, again, jump onto the goal platform: and then jump into either of these zones: Now you should be in a big, dark room, on a ramp like this: Shorty after you arrive there you will be boosted, as soon as you get boosted, flick up and land on the platform. Now press the button, and the fun will begin! Again, if you fail EVEN ONCE it won't work and you have to start over by going through the wall at spawn, standing on the launch pad, etc. I hope this guide helped you. Now, go and have fun annoying everybody by doing this all the fucking time! Sincerely, Vaporeonus
  8. Id like to have Surf_Congo_Black_Ow Removed as there is way to many ramp glitches and zone problems. The spawn in is also poorly made where people spawn ontop of others and are stuck there untill the one person relogs. In the start it also bugs out making your player lean loads towards one side, This makes you look like your seeing things sideways. Please vote here for me too see if anyone shares the same hate. http://www.strawpoll.me/13246784/r
  9. Genesis

    Afk-ing in Surf

    Hey guys, Recently I have been getting annoyed by people that afk in Surf in order to get free skins and cases because when you afk in surf the other people that actually play and want to Rock the Vote can't do RTV. This makes the player's experience less fun. If you suck very much at surfing or just find the map not challenging and fun you can't rtv and have to wait another 15 minuts! Since the managers already made a system where you will not receive any xp and money if you afk for more than 5 minuts, could you guys not also make a system where u can see who is afk and kick them if asked by many people that want to RTV. You could also make it that if you are afk for more than 5-10 minuts you will be kicked. This would make the player experience better for everyone I think. Rejoining after being kicked is not a problem since the server is almost never full. I would be glad to help make this come true. If you have any ideas about this you can comment them down below ^^ - Genesis
  10. So im a Simple guy, I like to tlak and help other people. Mkae some funnsies and stuff. I got an own Teamspeak server. To myself: Im a 17 year old guy from Germany. And no im not a Nazi, anyways i often stream on Twitch. At any kind of question, msg me. Clan im currently in as Picture. (Only Steamgroup, yet. Still growing)
  11. Vaporeonus

    Stage restart on Surf and Bhop

    Simple idea: A command like !r, that teleports you to the start of the stage you're in. I got stuck on surf_ducks (or something like that), in the last stage. I couldn't move, crouching didn't help too, and I had to restart all over again. That pissed me off and a command like !sr (stage-reset) would prevent that from ever happening again.
  12. Traziiex

    [GMOD Surf] Share your high !

    Hi everyone ! Those days I am playing a lot on WarZone's GMOD surf server. I think I am being quite good. I make this topic so we (players of gmod surf) can share our High Scores on different maps ! So I actually can't remember all my High Scores, but I'll write them I can remember, and update when I'll join and see some new one ! 1. surf_kitsune : 1:23:89 - Auto Hop - 2nd place on the server Thank you if you participate in this "project". I think it is a fun idea, and I hope it'll be the same for you !

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