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  1. TTT- Traitor weapon, Kinda buff or just how it should play So my suggestion is for the poltergeist weapon, basically you shoot the projectile onto the object, and where ever you shot the projectile thats where it will travel until it hits an object or person, and after it hits the object or person it goes either direction. <---- Paint demonstration what would happen So i dont know if this would be overpowered or not but it would be better for the poltergeist as it would make it be used by t's more often, as i dont see t's using it very much. This could be abused in a certain extent but i made a little solution for that and what they could abuse it for. Abusive ways of it 1They could stack objects in a line to make them all shoot forward rapidly 2They could shoot it off the top of the tower and it will still be very high speed 3 It could trap people in places (Solutions) 1. I sorted this one myself that i didnt explain above, ones the projectile has hit an object, it bounces back a couple of feet then goes either left or right away from the object and basically goes in a zigzag line in short paces tho 2. Ones you shoot it off a high place, it gradually starts to slow down then it will eventually not do a lot of damage after it hits said target, if it is shot from the tower it will still hit the traitor tester room but at a slower pace 3. You could make it so when it "Traps" people they can shoot it and it just destructs (Not explosive) like a wooden box so that innos can't damage nearby players with it and get warned (April fools jihad 30 minutes every week) I dont think this will be added, wanna know why? just listen what the april fools jihad is - The april fools jihad covers the whole map in fog (Only minecraft ttt) and gradually gasses everyone until they get into the nether (Safe spot) Thanks for reading my suggestions. Just thought of them there and i think the poltergeist one would be a decent one in my opinion
  2. An In game and website Inventory calculator to see how much an inventory is worth by looking at the prices on the community market. if the item was never sold or up for listing on the community market it will just say no price found with a picture of the skin in question.
  3. I think that by Updating the Trade Up system it would encourage people to buy guns they may not need to get a gun they can get through a trade up and make profit. Just like in real CS:GO when doing trade ups you only get guns from the same set such as Bank Collection. Only works on guns from pink and lower and some guns give you no profit / split even, some lose profit and some make profit making it a risk that can pay off. This would add more fun into the trade up system which currently only provides store skins and a very very small chance to make profit. Thanks for reading and hope you like my suggestion. Let me know what you think. sorry ZeRo if this is already on the 'Roadmap'.
  4. Hello everyone. So i was thinking of some things that could be a small idea for additions in the warzone servers and one of the bigger ideas i thought of was customization for deathcams. I had thoughts about popular games such as call of duty or even rocket league taken to mind. I thought that maybe customization could be made to those with such things as colour/background changes, decorations to make the deathcam stand out for players. Id love to hear any potential thoughts on this :3
  5. Hi, I just came on the forums and I wanted to share this idea of mine. It's inspired by an old server was around for a long time until it got hacked a while back. Anyway, the gamemode could be like regular DarkRP, however with no strict rules, and in the middle of the whole RP idea there could be a TDM sort of thing, like Red vs Blue, with each team having a specific set of classes to choose from ranging from stealthy flankers, all-around classes, and heavy tanks. You could even have some other team that can kill both teams while still being able to be killed by them. Along all this, the weapons you can get from a Gun Dealer (who would pretty much be used to buy guns for the people playing that role) can be modified by these "mod prints" that have a chance to drop when you kill an enemy. There is Power, Motion, Tech, Misc, and Support mod prints which all do different things that can help you in one way but not in another. You can also see the stats of the weapon you'd be holding (ex. 20 damage AR with 200 DPS, 600 RPM, 90% accuracy, 10 recoil, 500 yard range, etc.). This is optional but there should be these gems that have a chance to drop when an enemy is killed and can be used to make certain types of mod prints. Some gems can even be able to modify how your gun looks and is named. Maybe some neutral classes would have a way to get gems on their own from these ore veins that randomly spawn. There was a lot more to the server but since it's gone I'm just doing anything I can to bring it back. This may have been very confusing and if so I will try my best to make it easier to understand if anyone needs me to do so. Here's a little example of what the server kinda looked like:
  6. It would be nice to have a command for admins so that if they're dead, they can speak to people that are alive It would mainly be used to ask people why they killed someone or something like that. I've had people that are alive and had questions about rules and I couldnt speak to them because I was dead.
  7. In Surf DM, people will sometimes join my team and that can leave the other team heavily unbalanced at times and it gets really annoying that they do that. I was wondering if we could make a rule about team balancing. i.e Don't purposely make teams unbalanced by joining the other team to be with your friend.
  8. I was looking around and realised after playing these WZ servers that there is no Prop Hunt servers so i am Suggesting that it would be a great idea if there could be one in the future, im sure by now after how many years prop hunt has been around that i dont need to describe exactly what it is but like i said it would be a great idea if a PH server could be added in the future.
  9. hello, today i'm just gonna give a brief explanation of what i am suggesting, i will then briefly explain this idea and give some ideas that would make it a lot better. Game Mode: Airsoft About? Airsoft is a team based Game IRL where there are 2 teams (Usually colours) and there are multiple game modes such as, Capture The Flag, Hold A point, taking over a building from the enemy team, these usually swap after a certain time has passed and how it becomes 'Competitive' is that both teams will have ago at defending and attacking, or switching sides, then they will have to try and beat each others time, and who ever gets best time wins. How do you fight? How the game mode actually works is that each team has a realistic looking gun that is electric or gas powered that shoots out little white plastic pellets or plastic shells, soon as you are hit by 1 of these bullets you will be 'dead'. Why would this be a good game mode? i think this would be a good game mode to implement as it hasn't been done on Garrys mod before (that i have seen). Why would this help the community / benefits? a way that this would benefit the server is that you can do events called 'Mil Sims' a.k.a Military Simulation, this is where it will be a big game mode on a large map where people will play the game very seriously for a long period of time with radios (Team speak) with squad names e.g and mill sims usually are taking over multiple buildings in a certain area, so there will be for example 1 team of U.S and Russian Federation, so when payers join this you can set up a roster with clans for example for them to take part and you could get a cool big game with 2 teams playing a serious game of Airsoft in Gmod. Thanks for taking your time to read this <3 Thanks, George Dobson
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