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  1. Hello, my names Josh and my screen name is Anonz. I formally played on this server for a small amount of time last year and only just started getting back into the game. I enjoy the overall atmosphere and the people are friendly. Admins are very understanding and helpful as well. I enjoy the amount of features on the server, its different and fun. I often play TTT and some of the things i say are questionable to say the least. My use of slang confuses the F**k out of some people(avvie *ahem*), but don't worry I'm not slagging anyone off. Thats all i wanted to say, good server, nice people. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo - Josh(Anonz)
  2. I'm Fishy. Stumbled across your surf server after I got baked one day and craved some surf. Your server seemed to be the most stable, solid, and interactive surf server. I look forward to enjoying your other servers as well. Especially Cinema. Thanks.
  3. Hey, my name is Imperial. I'm 17 and live in France. I have recently joined the community and really love it. I mostly play on GMod but might join the other game servers. I have made a lot of friends here and I hope to make more See you all around
  4. Sup. Name's still Oshi or Sven, still gay, but 20 now. Dunno if the latter is new, I forgot when I left. Must've been around my birthday. I program for a living now, so das p neato. Anyway, I'm here to make CS:GO surfing great again.
  5. Hi there! I'm Matt! I joined this community way back in 2015, on the CS:GO surf servers, back when those things were incredibly full, but sadly, with the slow painful death of community servers, i found myself on gmod surf... and from there on to stronghold, and gungame, never thought it'd happen as i used to always mock gmod players in global chat. But yeah, a little about me: The names Matt, I'm 22 from Leeds, UK. Thats in the north, the best bit (Yorkshire, Yorkshire!) I play a variety of games, few thousand hours in CSGO, not many in GMOD but its going up fast, and a hell of a lot in WoW! Currently not doing anything work wise :< Thats all i can think to write, be sure to say hi ingame Matt o/
  6. <Title text goes here> Hello anybody that does not already know me, probably because I only play TTT or occasionally Stronghold. Firstly, a great implementation of an interconnected skin system through-out your servers, I love it. Already on around 48 hours spent so far, and I think I'll be getting those 1000 hours in Gmod after all. (Cue people talking about their 3000 hours in a year) For people that want a snapshot of the kind of person I am; I stuck-up white boy from England that believes being more literate than you gives him the intellectual advantage. For all seriousness; I'm a highly logical player (Hence TTT), thus resulting in being a Computer scientist in university currently. Therefore, allowing me to spend $10 a month to the servers. Although being a logical person makes me serious, I can take and give a few jokes, so don't expect any grudges from a misinterpretation or mistake in TTT. Most of my Gmod career has been focused on TTT, the shame of it, so if noobs to the game have any queries, you can ask me. If you would like a game of Chess with someone, hit me up on Steam any time, most of the time I'm up for it. My favourite gun is: XM1014. My favourite map is: Rooftops. (I wish there was an always Rooftops server... *wink wink*)
  7. Hello everyone, my name is Gamersfunhouse! I am a user who first started playing back in the days in Overwatch, it's nice to see you have bought it back! You will mostly find me raging at prop spammers on the Stronghold, Surf or Gun Game server. I am hoping to be getting MW2 soon so I can play those servers then! I am already seeing a lot of familiar faces such as; Gornot, Archangel and ZeRo and many others! I hope to see many of you on the servers, cya!
  8. Sup guys, you may call me blazer. I used to be a member and an admin long time ago on the old warzone-gaming. Some of you may remember me, some of you may not, whatever. I was really upset when the whole community got shot down, even though I wasn't really close with almost anyone here as most of you guys are, but it was still a good place to spend some time. And I hope it will as good as it was. Lately I'm not as much into CoD, but I'm about to give it a try, since I hope WZ servers are still the best CoD servers out there. You gonna see me in your killcam, guys.
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