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  1. loki.rar

    Get To Know Me 🅱

    Ok So im re-writing this because ive seen how just bad it was at the time i thought it was cool with the emojis and text but ive realized its not even the slightest I Haven't Introduced my self My Real Name is Jude but you can call me lowkey for short or itz or deadass i dont mind even my real name I Play TTT Stronghold And Surf Tier 1 Im On WZ servers most of the time so just hmu if you want to play I want you all to know ive changed some i know now that its not funny to use overkill emojis and text fonts and whatever but i know how dumb it is and im hoping to make a change I look forward to being a part to this community and getting to meet new people to play games with and talk to I know the last post was bad but i was just thinking like an idiot thinking all the cool emojis will make me come across as a chill guy After Some thinking that's the worst possible thing i could of done ever If you did not happen to see the last one consider your self lucky as it was very cancerous So Yeh look out for me on TTT and all the others i hope to meet you all and play together Thanks -Jude

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