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Found 3 results

  1. This is for skin competition Images/Videos: Skin Description: This advance machine with only work with Gears causing total Death Machine. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: This skin is for competition entry. External images used:
  2. So, Music Kits! Here we have another music kit competition! It's basically the same as the old competition, the aim is to create a music kit. Prizes 1st Place: Lifetime Platinum VIP + Any knife of your choice (Except Exclusive) 2nd Place: Any knife (Except Exclusive) of your choice 3rd Place: Any weapon skin (Except exclusive) of your choice To enter you need to follow this guide https://confluence.warzone.gg/display/WHC/Creating+Music+Kits Closing date for entries is 6th April 2017 - It's very easy to create a music kit and you get rewarded very well for it MP5 Skin Contest I would like to also remind you of the skin creation contest run by Archangel Currently the MP5 doesn't have any skins so we are challenging the community to come up with the best skins - the best skin creators will be rewarded very nicely for their time and effort! Good luck everybody! Cant wait to see some of the entries!
  3. Hello everyone! I kinda discussed a little idea of a competition for Christmas to do with my favorite thing besides gaming, MUSIC. so the idea of this competition is to add a song for each of the 12 days of Christmas. These songs can be absolutely anything you want. The way this shall be judged is that i shall be me and the admin team to rate each song out of 10 in thier opinions and an average shall be made. The highest average score shall be the winner. For each day, the artist and its title must be provided ideally for easy access. so in the form of: day 1 - Darude - Sandstorm day 2 - Big Shaq - Man's not hot Post your lists below and get creative. This may be judged towards the 25th December, entries close on 23rd december 7 pm GMT and selected by 8 pm GMT on the 25th December. BUT WHAT CAN YOU WIN? i hear you guys ask. from discussions with Hula, Archangel and Zero the decided prize for this competition shall be an AK-47 Light of king AK-47 Light of king - https://warzone.gg/viewitem?id=1092 Best of luck to all participants
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