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IMPORTANT: Please link your Steam account before purchasing, otherwise your VIP benefits will not be activated. Please go to https://warzone.gg/steamlink  50,000 $WZ per month VIP Tags in the chat & Scoreboard x4 $WZ & XP Gain -10% off on all Store purchases Exclusive Chat Emoticons Set your chat color to any RGB Color Set your color on the Scoreboard to any RGB Color Access to the M4A4 | Howl during Subscription Access to the AWP | Dragon Lore during Subscription Access to Exclusive Silver VIP Knife during subscription Access to Exclusive Golden VIP Knife during subscription Access to /me chat function Access to VIP Equipment (TTT) Access to additional props (Stronghold) No MOTD Countdown 5 Door Modules (Stronghold) 4 Weapon Crates (Stronghold) Unlimited AutoDJ Requests (CS:GO/GMod) Access to private Slack chat room Access to private VIP forum 20 case drops per week.