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  1. It's time for another Social Media Giveaway! To enter this competition you need to like and/or comment on the following post: Like = 1 entry Comment = 1 entry Like + Comment = 2 entries The following items will be given out. If lots of people enter, I will give out more prizes! 1 Rare Item Case 2 Rare Item Cases 3 Items Of Your Choice or 50 cases of your choice (except exclusive) 50 Community #5 Case 50 Cases Of Your Choice (Except rare item case) 50 Cases Of Your Choice + 50 Cases Of Your Choice (except exclusive) Remember, you need to like and/or comment and you also need to send me your name you used to like or comment on that post. Send via Discord (@lé xyz™) or here on the forums Winners will be announced on Sunday at 8PM!
  2. It's time for another Social Media Giveaway! To enter this competition you need to like and/or comment on the following post: https://www.facebook.com/warzone.gg/photos/a.1753281948297916/2127539917538782/?type=3&theater When you like or comment on the post, you need to send me your name which you used to like or comment on the post with. All data protected and will not be used in any way other than for the purposes of this giveaway. Like = 1 entry Comment = 1 entry Like + Comment = 2 entries The following items will be given out. If lots of people enter, I will give out more prizes! 1 Rare Item Case 1 Rare Item Case 10 Community #5 Case 1 Item Of Your Choice 50 Cases Of Your Choice (Except rare item case) Remember, you need to like and/or comment and you also need to send me your name you used to like or comment on that post. Send via Discord (@lé xyz™) or here on the forums Winners will be announced next Saturday at 9PM!
  3. vlodern

    Minecraft is here!

    Minecraft is coming to WarZone! The game loved by all (mainly ZeRo) is making its way into our glorious server list With that comes 2 things The IP address of this server is wzuksrv002.warzone.gg The modpack the server is using can be found here, please make sure you have the latest 64bit Java installation. https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/warzone-gaming-modpack.1357036 The following rules will apply to this server No griefing protected bases, doing so will result in a ban English only Don't complain if you get killed in a non protected area No griefing by spawning too many blocks, exp with spawners, please do clean it up every now and again as this is to prevent lag If any rules are broke please ping either Archangel or myself in Discord (Archangel#1337 or lé xyz™#0420) We now have a new section on the forums. In this section you can post suggestions and feedback and discuss minecraft here
  4. Yes hello good sir I am good friend. First of all, the forums are quite inactive, join Discord or Teamspeak to speak with us. https://discord.gg/DewAmxJ or ts.warzone.gg. The best way to call an admin in TTT is by heading to #support in Discord, we can usually have someone on fairly soon. Typical scot going on the beer getting fucked every weekend, we have more around here just like you anyway yes I am @xyz on Discord. come spam ping me
  5. So, today I have decided to update the forums. The old layout wasn't the greatest given the amount of activity, so I have condensed it quite a lot to make it prettier on the eyes. If anybody has any issues with permissions or viewing the forums please post here or PM me on the forums or Discord (@xyz should tag me) Please feel free to post any suggestions or further improvements here.
  6. I'm @xyz on there. Also you can multi quote on the forums by pressing quote on each post and submitting it in 1 post like this
  7. So guys, I'm bringing forward to the community an idea I've had for quite a while now. It's basically having different nights for different genres of music. For example, on Monday evening we play an hour of chill music, Tuesday evening we play an hour of rock music, Wednesday evening we play EDM music and so on. The biggest problem I would personally have achieving this would be that I don't listen to much music related to specific genres. This is where I am asking you to help me. I would like the community to put forward playlists to be played for these evenings. Here are some guidelines to follow - they aren't rules but just guidelines to keep everything smooth and easy. Playlists should be between 1 and 2 hours - anything in excess or much less than this will be put under review Try play music currently in the radio database - anything else I can try to source myself but it would be a great help if you could choose something from the database Roughly 20 songs or more will need to be submitted as 20 songs at roughly 3 minutes a song will turn out to be 1 hour. I am personally going to do a "Top 40" night on Thursdays - I will be posting a song list when it comes time to do so. I will personally dedicate 30 songs to my first music night, happening this Thursday the 15th of this month. Also we currently play A State Of Trance by Armin Van Buuren on Friday evening at 9:30 so that will be continuing, and as such we will not be accepting entries for that night. I know it may seem like a lot to choose more than an hour of music, but as you seen above, 20 songs on average will turn out to an hour. Please PM me on discord (@lé xyz) a song list or PM me here on the forum. Please do this at least a few days in advance of your show. For any show successful show you will be rewarded 1 million WZ$. Your name will also be announced as the DJ of the show. This will be officially starting on the 19th of February - this gives people time to gather songs and submit them. Thanks guys, I hope we can get some good radio shows running.
  8. WarZone is attending ESL One Cologne 2018! Myself and ZeRo are attending this event from the 5th of July - 9th of July, we decided to make this meetup available for any members of WarZone - the event is happening on the 6th July - 8th July but we are traveling and staying in Cologne from the 5th to the 9th of July. If you're from the UK or you would like to road trip to the event from the UK you will need to be able to get to either Ipswich or somewhere near there for collection. We are traveling by car and as such ZeRo will require money for fuel, Eurotunnel expenses, etc. We will have a meeting with all attendees to make sure everybody is clear on what is required and such if traveling with us. If you would like to attend from any other locations you will be responsible for your own transport, etc. Full organization of the event will happen within weeks of the winter meetup and tickets and such are of limited quantity. See more information here: https://warzone.gg/meetupinfo?id=6 Reply here, PM me on the forums or contact me on Discord (@lé xyz) if you have any questions. We hope to see some of you there!
  9. WarZone Logistics is holding our first race of 2018! You do not need to be a member to join this race, all we require is for you to be on Teamspeak (no mic required) The current details are as follows: Saturday the 27th of January 2018, 5PM Starting point: Milano (Services) Ending point: Milano (Services) Trailer required: No DLC Required: No You can use any truck but I highly recommend you use the Volvo FH Series of truck with the best upgrades. If you don't have the money or level I can help you create a profile to get this truck in under 10 minutes. The current rewards are as follows: 1st Place 5 2017 Anniversary Case | Limited Edition 10 Million WZ$ or any market item that is at or below that value. 2nd Place 2 Gamma Case's 1 million WZ$ 3rd place 1 Case of your choice 500k WZ$ The route available below in the spoiler I hope to see you all there! Reply to this topic, contact me via PM or on Discord (@lé xyz™) if you have any questions regarding this race. There will be an section on the Events page of the website soon for everybody to sign up to.
  10. So, I was recently appointed the position of Community Relations (:RIP: Hula 2017-2018), and as I have quite a lot of free time I am going to be updating the radio. I ask the community to help make the radio great again, as I have limited knowledge of certain genres it would be a great help if you guys could point me in the right directions of what to add. I will be completely unbiased, any song anybody wants added to the radio, will be added. If nobody helps me I'll only really add still that I like into it, so it's up to you guys, it is a community radio after all! At the start-mid of February you can expect a massive update to the radio database, talking thousands of songs. I hope to change the structure of what is played and when it's played, but that's all unconfirmed at the moment. Not everything is available when AutoDJ is playing, the majority of songs are only available via request and it will likely stay that way. Along with that comes a update to the WarZone Bot on Discord, with all the old commands such as !love, !hate, !request coming back. This includes a new suggestions feature of the bot for users to request songs. To use this feature type !suggest *your song/link here*, it will be sent to me. You can also post below in this topic or in the music suggestions topic found here(that topic needs to be updated, post any requests you have), PM me on the forums or on discord (@lé xyz™#6969) a song list or contact me by any means you like. The discord bot will be added sometime today, I will update this thread when it's done. A live view of what I am working on is available here: https://1drv.ms/x/s!Aj18-F70Y6uqh-hmekXTvwBHk9vOIg Please, help me find music to add, thanks!
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