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  1. IseAxon

    Huntsman Knife | Fade Highlight

    put the vaporwave into my body
  2. IseAxon

    Fingerless Gloves | XRay

    Hell yeah, dank skin
  3. Hell yeah, need me a stattrak of that baby
  4. IseAxon

    New Gamemode/Fun Round Suggestion

    Sounds a lot like Gungame except you die in one shot.
  5. A music kit featuring music from the game Bayonetta (Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2). I'm sorry if using music from 2 games by the same people is not fine, if so I'll go into the Dunce corner Cover: Background: I'm a very big fan of the Bayonetta games, so I decided to try and get some music from it onto the server! ^w^
  6. IseAxon

    ☆ Bowie Knife | Spectral Galaxy

    So pleasing to look at

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