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  1. Seikatsu

    ☆ Bowie Knife | Spectral Galaxy

    That actually looks really sick!
  2. Seikatsu

    Lofi Hip Hop (and feedback)

    Chill relaxing lo fi beats 24 / 7 is my go to everyday when I'm bored or feeling down, I love the channels that make visuals / AMV's that have lofi music to it. Thanks man!
  3. Seikatsu

    Social Media Giveaway #29

    Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/SeikatsuSounds/ SteamID: STEAM_0:1:72693684 Ingame: Seikatsu Cheers boys, good luck
  4. Seikatsu

    Lofi Hip Hop (and feedback)

    Thoughts on lofi or hip hop in general? I absolutely love it for one, I even make it. I'm more into the chill relaxing stuff that's damn smooth. Another thing and something I really like about it is the so called a e s t h e t i c of the genre, it's so simplistic and minimalistic that it's pleasing to the eye. While on the topic of lofi, I want to try and get feedback for these tracks that I've made and https://soundcloud.com/seikatsusounds/walk-on-girl Cheers
  5. Seikatsu

    A bit late but alright

    Gonna introduce myself for a bit since I want to meet some more people in the community My name's Liam and I make music under an alias named Seikatsu, I used to actually play on this server back when it was still called Overwatch Gaming but took a break, what ever happened to Overwatch? Copyright stuff right? This is the best gaming community that I've been a part of since it's constantly updated and has a lot of great stuff I'm a huge weeb so suggest me some stuff That's all, Thanks!
  6. Here's an updated version that switches up the MVP and the Team Selection:
  7. Alrighty give me a few mins
  8. Do you think I should switch the current team selection for MVP then? (making it shorter of course)
  9. Music Kit Name: Jet Set Radio Cover Image: Background Image: Kit Description: "A music kit which includes Hideki Naganuma's greatest hits from the Jet Set Radio games" Why do you want your music kit added to WarZone Gaming?: You know what Warzone needs more of? SOME FUNK BABY!!! I absolutely love the Jet Set Radio soundtrack. I play the OST a lot while playing Gungame or Stronghold and it really gets me in a more energetic mood, I think that the players would really enjoy this kit like how I enjoyed using it, Who doesn't like a bit of music whilst they're playing right? Especially for those who have played the JSR games, gives that feeling of nostalgia you know? Plus that MVP track is absolutely funky. Additional Comments: Don't credit me as the artist in the kit, Full credit belongs to Hideki Naganuma for his awesome works. (I'm planning to change the Bomb Countdowns and the 10 second ones since it doesn't really fit.) An updated version of each track being placed, Correct timings too! Feedback would be very appreciated. Thanks!

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