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  1. Seikatsu

    M249 | Maya

    I like the concept! But I personally think that it could use a bit more texture, probably like vines or more things to reference the Mayans and the Aztec culture Oh btw you don't need to put all the pics you used in order, if it appeared once in the skin then just put the one picture instead of all of the pics Either way, it's nice! I'd just love to see some more texture to it, the server needs more M249 Skins tbh
  2. Seikatsu

    [SUGGESTION] Competitive Gamemodes and Ping

    If that's the case then I'd get banned instantly
  3. Seikatsu

    New Gamemode/Fun Round Suggestion

    eh tbh it sounds just like another shooting gamemode, but with the exception with this one is that you don't respawn which is really damn boring if you die and have to wait for the rounds to end.
  4. Seikatsu

    Trading karambit boreal forest

    tbh mate I've seen you advert this everyday on +trading No one's gonna buy it so I recommend just quickselling it
  5. Seikatsu

    Music Kit | Smash

  6. Seikatsu

    Music Kit | Smash

    Music Kit Title - Smash Cover: Background: Description Of The Kit: "A tribute kit to the Smash Bros series, featuring OST from the games and the other series involved" Why do you want this kit added to the game?: Smash Bros is my childhood game, no joke, I used to play this everyday from the 3rd to the 7th Grade, from Melee to the 3DS version, and it's made quite an impact in me, and since there's a new Smash game coming out soon, I figured I'd make a kit on the series as a sort of tribute to it for all the memorable experiences I had with it. Additional Comments: This by far is the most difficult kit for me to work on, since there's not much tracks I could use to fit each track for each situation, that's why I had to end up using the Mario theme for the Start Round/Action tracks. If you have any suggestions or feedback, I am open for any criticism that you have and would definitely love what you think could be added/replaced/moved since I really want to make this kit a success. Thank you once again! P R E V I E W :
  7. Seikatsu

    Gungame Suggestions/Fixes/Whatever

    There's this one map on Gungame with the massive cliffs you can get onto, the spawnpoints in the map are just messed up, where CT's and T's spawn in the same area which pretty much ends up in an unfair disadvantage and a cause to spawncamping. Speaking of maps, there's tons of really small and complex maps which makes travelling the map a hassle and a pain in the ass (remove gg_trainstation) maybe some new maps? like some ports of CS:GO maps to give it that Arms Race feeling That's pretty much all I can say, since I like how GG is currently at, but a main problem that me and some players have are hitreg and it's damn irritating. Other than that those are my only suggestions to Gungame, Thanks!
  8. Seikatsu

    Hide and Seek suggestions.

    I have some suggestions for Hide and Seek, one more gamemode wise and the other more on the maps I really enjoy the normal Hide and Seek gamemode that's usually played on other servers and not the custom one we have here tbh, instead of the Hiders being permanently disqualified for the next of the round, they should be turned into Seekers instead and help find the remaining hiders. For the maps though, I think some of them are too small and simple that Hiders would get instantly caught in a matter of time, so I recommend some much more known / bigger maps. Also to make it more fun, I'd also like to suggest if player models can also be used so that it doesn't just limit the models we bought to Cinema. That's all I'd like to suggest and I hope these can be taken into consideration. Thank you!
  9. Seikatsu

    Music Kit | Zaibatsu

  10. Seikatsu

    Dat Adam - Music Kit

    I recommend sending a youtube link of what the music kit sounds like instead of posting an image of the preview tbh
  11. Seikatsu

    TTT Rotation Map Requests

    These 3 are some of the maps I used to play on that weren't suggested already ttt_minecraftcity_v4 - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=186842624&searchtext=ttt ttt_mc_jondome - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=322655757&searchtext=ttt ttt_skyscraper - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=253328815&searchtext=ttt
  12. Seikatsu


    Just a small suggestion of mine regarding on how much a minimum for bidding in an auction should be Because I've had this happen to me too many times, where people would just add 1$WZ from the original price and you'd pretty much end up with no profit or less money than you expected. I was wondering if there could be like a minimum amount that you'd have to add in order to give the seller of the item more profit rather than an additional 1 dollar. I apologize if I just sound like a whiny bitch about this, but I'd just like to hear if this could be implemented, or if not, know a reason as to why not. Thank you!
  13. I think it's fine if you add this in the competition, since I'd definitely want to see this in game at some point! Good luck man!
  14. Music Kit Title: Grand Theft Auto Cover Art: Background Image: Kit Description: "Various soundtracks from the Grand Theft Auto series compiled into one music kit" Why do I want this kit added to Warzone?: I love the Grand Theft Auto games, I've played San Andreas all the way to 5, It's my absolute favorite game series and I wanted to make a music kit out of it. I listened to a bunch of covers of the GTA themes and thought that "Hey, I could make a music kit out of this" and so I did. I also think that people would really enjoy this kit since I asked a few players if they'd love to see a kit like this in-game and they agreed (Also cause ZeRo said so) Additional Comments: I couldn't find some HQ versions of some of the themes so I resorted to use some really good covers from a channel named SquidPhysics (https://www.youtube.com/user/SquidPhysics) I don't really mind if I win or not in this competition since I just really love making music kits for the community. If I do win something though, I'd rather just have something from the Warzone store since I don't really have any other use for that money (and I don't have a paypal) That's all I can say about the kit, I hope this still makes it into the game! Thank you for checking this out! P R E V I E W : (sorry for the shitty quality)

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