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  1. Marcel =)

    Back with the minecraft server?

    just make it a pvp survival server and fck ´the stealing shit because its pvp y'know
  2. Marcel =)

    Back with the minecraft server?

    y no bwankets uwu
  3. Marcel =)

    Moto Gloves | Retro Shatter

    Whew. Finally someone made actually good looking motogloves. Can't wait for this to be in the game, i can imagine these as some high tier gloves.
  4. Marcel =)

    Blossoms' 7 Days Of Christmas!

    Oh boy, this is gonna be epic
  5. Marcel =)

    The Marcel Appreciation (Not Really) Thread

    Epic, also go wild. You have my permission
  6. Marcel =)

    TTT 2 Ideas & Suggestions

    Maybe roles like Deputy who can be chosen by the Detective. (If you are a T you can be a Deputy too)
  7. Marcel =)

    AWP | Neon Dragon

    Holy shit that skin looks good.
  8. Marcel =)

    What do you identify as?

    I sexually identify as a Blanket jew deal with it
  9. Marcel =)

    AK-47 | Weeb

    Looks good. Alot of work must've went into that.
  10. Marcel =)

    ZeRo Father

    i already call zero dad
  11. Wouldn´t it be nice to see more attachments? Maybe a 4x scope or a laser to see where your bullets are gonna hit.

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