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  1. just make it a pvp survival server and fck ´the stealing shit because its pvp y'know
  2. Whew. Finally someone made actually good looking motogloves. Can't wait for this to be in the game, i can imagine these as some high tier gloves.
  3. Oh boy, this is gonna be epic
  4. Maybe roles like Deputy who can be chosen by the Detective. (If you are a T you can be a Deputy too)
  5. Holy shit that skin looks good.
  6. I sexually identify as a Blanket jew deal with it
  7. Looks good. Alot of work must've went into that.
  8. Marcel =)

    ZeRo Father

    i already call zero dad
  9. Wouldn´t it be nice to see more attachments? Maybe a 4x scope or a laser to see where your bullets are gonna hit.
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