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  1. NisiYT

    Silver 2 plays.

    i have a nice some nice free editing stuff and screen/game recording contact me if intrested for real XD
  2. NisiYT

    TTT with new roles?

    The role thing intresting ... i would like the idea of changing maps or more maps on ttt to make it more efficent and add mor Trator/Detective shop but it wont matter becsuse it would be Vip Subscriber only
  3. NisiYT

    [SUGGESTION] Competitive Gamemodes and Ping

    Yep in Counter Strike Servers it was a Thing , if you had High Ping you would be warned or get kicked by the admin or mods of the server ! I like the idea of warnings !
  4. NisiYT

    New Gamemode/Fun Round Suggestion

    yea i remember those days too
  5. NisiYT

    New Gamemode/Fun Round Suggestion

    The map is small the round lasts like idk 45sec - 1 min
  6. NisiYT

    New Gamemode/Fun Round Suggestion

    Not really you dont respawn
  7. You all might have heard about the Paintball Gamemode , its a very fun gamemode were there are 2 teams , Red Vs Blue Witch need to fight like paintball in real life you get hit eaven with 1 bullet you die , there are Shootguns with short range , pistols , granades , awps and paintballguns ecc , the bulets are slower you can dodge them if your fast and smart , you can jump slighty higher you are faster ecc but you die with 1 bullet , you cannot kill the same team with the same bullet color , this gamemode was previously in css , cs 1.6 ecc .I suppose to make another server or a fun round vote thing . This game mode its not hard to make actualy is a copy pase with some changes , you can find the scripts if you join a css or cs 1.6 server and copy from the cs folder Paintball Cs Go as cs 1.6.webp

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