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  1. Being able to deal damage while under protection would be my solution to this problem. In my opinion, you don't even have to lose the protection when you shoot, since the enemies should not camp at your spawnpoint anyway, but this is not needed to solve the probem. - If you want to encourage spawncamping while still giving the spawning player a chance to fight back, just change the way the first shot works so it actually deals damage. - If you want to make spawncamping way less profitable, give the spawning players protection for a flat amount of time while still being able to deal damage.
  2. Spawnprotection should protect a player from getting spawnkilled. But it is actually more harmful than protective. Let's imagine the following (quite common) scenario: You are playing GunGame and just spawned with either a shotgun or a sniper (or any other weapon with low firing rate). One or even a few enemies are standing right next to you. If you take the first shot, you're already dead, because the only thing your first shot does is deactivate your protection (it does not deal any damage!). Since you can not shoot again for about half a second due to your firing rate, that will be a death sentence. If you decide to just wait for your protection to run out, that will be easier for the enemy to see than for yourself and is thus not a good option either. There is an easy solution: Spawn protection should make you invulnerable (maybe even for a flat amount of time) while not crippling your damage output; if the enemy camps at your spawn, that is his own fault. The way it is now, I would rather spawn without any protection than get killed by the very thing that should protect me.
  3. There are skins for all kinds of weapons (and even gloves), but the grenades still don't have any. Don't you think they deserve skins too? Since Country Gloves will get removed soon, there could be Country Frag Grenades, for example. Also, since they are weapons and more than viable, they should have Stattrack modules. I can't think of any reason why they shouldn't have both.
  4. The last few ranks on the Surf server (maybe the ranking is used on another server too, but I don't know) sound pretty lame. Globalist and Stoner? Beast might be okay, but should be placed a little lower. I'd rather stay "Immortal" instead. To be honest, except for "Veteran", everything between "Godlike" and "Immortal" sounds so much better than the last few... I think the order should be changed.
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