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  1. Running on Empty, leave review, 0/10 In all seriousness, I guess goodbye?
  2. Fuse

    SCP-001 Proposal

    Item #: SCP-002 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: SCP-002 is to remain contained in a 4x4 cage. When site staff must enter the cage of SCP-002 to feed it. A blindfold and noise-cancelling headphones must be worn at all times, this will indicate to SCP-002 that the person entering the cage is not interested in what SCP-002 has to say. SCP-002 should be fed a strict diet of seeds to keep it alive, site staff are still experimenting on SCP-002. Description: SCP-002 resembles a regular humanoid, originating from the wild forests of ██████ ██████. However, SCP-002's replication of a human body had failed during it's maturing stage. Leading SCP-002 to randomly spout nonsense and burst into fits of stupidity. SCP-002 is currently being held in Site ████. Reference: To date, subject has been responsible for numerous confused reports across Site ████, this was due to improper containment of SCP-002. This was when SCP-002 was allowed to roam Site ████ freely. This has been changed since then, however. The confusion amongst the scientists had seemed to spread once SCP-002 had left said area the Site Staff were stationed at. Scientist ██████ Report. Dated ██/██/██. All ████-█ interactions with SCP-002 have proved that SCP-002 can cause permanent blindness and confusion within a subject. Removing such apparatus from the ████-█ persons proves to be rather dangerous in study, more research is to be concluded with SCP-002. When interacting with SCP-002, Class III HAZMAT suits must be worn at all times for a site member to feed SCP-002.
  3. My entry, thought this looked good. Discord; Website;
  4. Fuse

    Puk is a muslim

    @Not Alfred done ez
  5. Fuse

    Puk is a muslim

    tourist puk
  6. Rest in flamingos, gamer server, may you CHAPPiE on in heaven.
  7. I personally think that TTT#2 should be redesigned with extra roles like the Infected and Jester. The Infected is like a normal innocent, except they have claws which on successfully hitting another player, will turn them into an Infected via killing them and reviving them. Similar to the Yogscast's version of TTT. With the Jester, they try to act like a Traitor, and when an innocent / detective role kills the Jester, the Jester will turn into the person who killed them's role. However, when a Traitor kills the Jester, they just die without any punishment on the Traitor's behalf, as if the Jester was a regular Innocent player. This is also similar to the Yogscast's custom TTT.
  8. 10 things you see before death number 7 ^
  9. Another addition to the Hex Collection, poggers.
  10. Love it! Really hope this one gets in, one of my favourite Deagles so far!
  11. Looks nice, looks kind of like the Boreal Forest's brother. Wouldn't mind picking one up, good job.
  12. Love the Tron a e s t h e t i c, I hope these get in the game, really hope
  13. Images/Videos: Skin Description: A nice light blue to pink fade across the front and top of the blade giving it a lilac to violet look, accompanied by the regular grip and plastic of the Huntsman knife. Along with Hot-Pink highlights, across the top of the blade and outlining the details. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I want this to get into WarZone Gaming because I love messing around in photoshop to see what looks good to me. And by having it get into WarZone gaming, it'd let me know that my attempts didn't go to waste. Which could further lead me into more detailed and better looking skins as time goes on. External images used: None.
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