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  1. TheSinkingSponge

    Zombie Survival Map - Silo

    This map is really good, It also sets a kind-of recommended size for maps in the Zombie Survival category, i hope to see this map in the server sometime soon
  2. TheSinkingSponge

    Talon - Crucible

    Not gonna lie these knifes look really nice, for the Screenshots, you've chose some really nice and fitting gloves to match them. Awesome work
  3. TheSinkingSponge

    Crash Bandicoot | Nostalgia

    That could've been my bad since i had my volume turned down (FOR WHAT?!?!?) at that time of the recording
  4. TheSinkingSponge

    Crash Bandicoot | Nostalgia

    To this very day i have no idea who pinged me -_- Still a great music kit, i played quite a bit of Crash Bandicoot back in the day, Great games
  5. TheSinkingSponge

    TTT with new roles?

    I highly agree with you here, I do recall there being a Jester role in a modded version of TTT but i think that was based around the role of being a pain in the arse, Which would just ruin the game, also the Detective does have quite a bit of power to begin with, I won't mind if there was a version of a Detective like the Deputy role you mentioned.
  6. TheSinkingSponge

    Music Kit | Destiny 2: Forsaken

    Music kit name: Destiny 2: Forsaken Official Soundtrack Cover Image: Background Image: Kit Description: The official soundtrack from Destiny 2's latest expansion, Forsaken, What shall we do next o listener mine? Why do you want your music kit to be added to WarZone Gaming: The second music kit I've decided to make since I've become very familiar with the audio program I've been using (not at all Audacity ), Since the last one wasnt done rather well i thought i'd give another a try but this time checking the levels and such, I think this turned out pretty well in the end and i hope people enjoy this, Even if people don't really enjoy Destiny you gotta admit, Bungie still do some really good soundtracks for their games, A full preview will be in Additional Comments, Have fun... Additional Comments:
  7. TheSinkingSponge

    MP5 - SD | Gold Vein

    To be quite honest, This looks like something that would be in CS:GO, i really like this skin, Well done
  8. TheSinkingSponge

    Stronghold Tournament

    I'm not even good at anything source related so i'm not gonna attempt this, if i do i'll just be fodder
  9. TheSinkingSponge

    Sticker | Symbiote

    Name: Symbiote Type: Uhhhhh.............Sticker? Images Description: Why do you want your graffiti or sticker to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I've notice that there isn't really any Stickers that have been submitted so i thought I'd give one a try, Of course i based it on the latest skins that i created, The Symbiote, I hope people enjoy this sticker. Additional Comments: not really
  10. TheSinkingSponge

    P250 | Camo

    Images/Videos: Skin Description: (Not really got one since this i diddnt really bother trying to come up with one, similar to the skins name) Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: Was originally a crappy skin i was working on to spending a couple of days doing touches here and there, it's a decent skin but not the best, decent enough to fill in the gap between making skins, quite happy with what the community has achieved over these few months and hoping to see some really good outcomes in the upcoming months. External images used: You'll find no Externals here.......
  11. TheSinkingSponge

    Mad Abyss Set #1

    Done some quick renders for Luna's Knives as requested:
  12. TheSinkingSponge

    Talon | Resonator

    Images/Videos: Skin Description: *nothing* Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: Was something i was messing about with last night, finished in around 4 hours, wasn't really tempted to publish this skin on here, until @Callum (Blazingstardude) said i should give it a try, Was thinking of scrapping this like many other skins i've done in the past but since Callum said i should publish this so here it is, Kindda inspired by the types of camouflage you'd get if you Pack-a-Punched a weapon in Call of Dutys Zombies modes, some might recognize the pattern on the handle being one (Extra points to whoever knows exactly what map ) External images used: Only the one for the handle:
  13. TheSinkingSponge

    Mp5-SD | Symbiote

    Images/Videos: Skin Description: In closed doors, these items have been put under strict tests after coming into contact with other worldly Bio-material, Test results are very promising...... Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: Of course everyone's heard of the new Mp5-SD that has recently come out for CS:GO, since it was also ported over to the Warzone servers i thought i'd have a try at making one, needless to say it was really nice to work with, Everything was easy to find where and what it was, Also, ZeRo recently released the competition for the summer, i was in two minds whether to submit this skin into this competition, after a bit of thinking i decided why not? this skin started at least a day after ZeRo announced the competition, Also have to thank Alfred for the files from the Render, It helped make some really nice Screenshots for this skin (And future skins ) External images used: None
  14. TheSinkingSponge

    Summer 2018 - Content Creation Competition

    I honestly don't think i'll be taking part in these, we'll see what happens though
  15. TheSinkingSponge

    Symbiote Mk2

    To be honest, everyone that has posted here has done amazing work with be it Knives or Gloves or even Weapons, If you set your mind to it, you can accomplish anything (That's a quote taken from somewhere.....i think)

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