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  1. Changes to Content Submissions

    Good to hear about the Glove OBJ's getting edited for a better preview in Photoshop, I agree with the DCMA part of this, although the Molten collection i made a bit ago is also inspired from a image, it has been modified quite extensively, But the recent Omega collection i created was all done by scratch we multiple attempts and failures, The outcome was really worth it though. I also can't wait for Update 14 and the SkinUtils when your HDD is nuked. Like what Alfred said, i can't wait to see what skins will be created in the future Ps. F
  2. Skin Creation Challenge

    Notify Me, although i'd doubt i would get anywhere xD
  3. Social Media Giveaway #17

    Tfw i was going to take part
  4. MP5 Skin Contest

    Read the last paragraph again
  5. Music Kit | Best Of Pendulum

    Music Kit Name: Best of Pendulum Cover Image: Kit Description Description: A music kit consisting of the best of Pendulum, Mainly from their album, In Silico. Why do you want your music kit added to WarZone Gaming?: This is pretty much the same reason of why these submissions are created, In the Music Kit category, there's a very small amount of Kits available, or, too many people are using the same ones, i aim to bring more variety to the collection, Bear in mind that this is my first kit created, i think it's turned out pretty neat, i was originally going to create a rock related one but the required times wouldn't match with the selected tracks, so i gave up on that, a day ago i was listening to Pendulum and i thought that they would be a good place to start, I hope you enjoy them Additional Comments: I was also trying to bring up a couple of mp3 files to put onto this post to preview but, i couldn't get it to work, Oh well.....
  6. What do you identify as?

    I identify as a Microsoft Powerpoint
  7. The Omega Collection

    Skin Name: Deagle | Omega, Famas | Omega, Sawed Off | Omega, Usp-s | Omega Weapon/Glove: Desert Eagle, Famas, Sawed Off, Usp-s Images: (Here comes a ton of images) Desert Eagle | Omega FAMAS | Omega Sawed Off | Omega Usp-s | Omega Skin Description: Here at Omega Enterprise, We aim for precision and quality, We want the weapons to feel unique, but at the same time, Similar, This is where the Omega Collection comes in, Even more deadlier when created with the experimental P.E.R (Plasma Experimental Rounds), Available for all of the weapons part of this collection. The Desert Eagle, Ready for that 1 shot, 1 kill at anytime, it delivers a devastating blow to the enemy. The Famas, Originally created for a cheap option for armed forces around the world, We here at Omega Enterprise decided that we would have none of that, we wanted the Famas to be the best there is, we have modified it with the P.E.R, To make it more deadly through to the last shot. The Sawed Off Shotgun, The history of Shotguns has always been the same, Typically ending with your enemies splattered over the walls, We here at Omega Enterprise are keeping to the same tradition of this, but with a twist, we also have modified the Sawed Off with the P.E.R to make this particular weapon.....Rather "Hot". The Usp-s, I think we all know already this weapon, With a equip-able Silencer, when weapon, in the right place, can deliver a powerful punch, Upgraded with the P.E.R, All of these weapons have been upgraded to their full potential, We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed creating these. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: Well, I've spent a few days, maybe even a week, creating these skins, and also creating a Company name to go along with these weapons, which turned out pretty well, since we have had a need for new gun skins, I've thought of these as a test to see what i could do, it first started out with the Desert Eagle, but then i decided to create the Usp-s skin, and so on and so forth.
  8. Opinions on what to work on

    1 Sponge was harmed during the making of this skin...........
  9. Specialist Glove | Trip

    I must admit, when i saw you in the Skin Testing Environment earlier i wasn't expecting these, Great work!
  10. Art Collection(feat.Pi.mp3)

    They honestly look like you've just made the entire texture black then pasted and stretched a skull image on them
  11. Social Media Giveaway #15

    You might want to remove that Gambling site from your name, it's against one of the rules (Advertisement)
  12. Social Media Giveaway #15

    I have no need/want to participate in the giveaways, But good luck to whomever wins the knife.
  13. @Callum (Blazingstardude)No Spicy food, Remember that please....

  14. The Jakobs Rig

    I don't care what anyone says, These boys are Badass. Also, you said about the Non-Tactical gloves, that's one of the reason i created the Molten Sport Gloves, there is a lot of potential with the other style of gloves.
  15. Sawed Off - Burnout

    I love it Callum, I'd give it a 10/10