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  1. My introduction!

    Thanks Avvie! I'm happy to be part of this community!
  2. My introduction!

    Hi! I'm Gaming Baws! Or Stephen. I played on this server once quite a while ago. And after coming back to garry's mod. I've started playing here again a lot!So far i've loved this server! Everyone is so nice and a great community! The server has great Staff and a great skin system! I think this server will do great! I have a few problems. Including a mental disability. But that shouldn't affect anyone at all! I hope to continue playing and enjoy the server even more than i am now! Ah. i should probably tell my age too. I'm fourteen. And I try to be as mature if i can. I apologise if i get mad at times, But we're human. We all do it. Anyhow, Thank you for reading this and have a lovely day~!