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  1. Not gonna lie getting banned from a competition for 1 day isnt that bad, I mean yeah you shouldn't have spoiled the anwser to it but going ahead and leave the community because of it its just stupid and like Zero said it really shows immaturity and makes yourself look bad. But in all honest the most important thing I am going to miss about you is that Ruby VIP itself.
  2. Item #: SCP-005 Object Class: Keter Special Containment Procedures: SCP-005 is to be kept in Cell 1043-A and Cell 1043-B, 10m x 10m x 4m containment chambers within Armed Bio-Containment Area-9. The cells are environmentally regulated and negatively pressurized, with walls constructed of reinforced concrete. Access to these cells is regulated by an outer decontamination chamber and inner gas-tight steel security doors. Observation windows are constructer of laminated ballistics glass 10cm in thickness protected by a 100kV electrified mesh. Humidity is maintained at 100% at a temperature of 16°C. SCP-005 is monitored at all times via infrared cameras. Level Four authorization is required to access SCP-005, his containment area, or the observation chamber. Containment cells should be cleaned biweekly. While this takes place, SCP-005 will be transferred to the adjacent cell, Cell 1043-B. During this time, the cell's door and observation window must be inspected for damage and repaired or replaced accordingly. Heavy sedation of SCP-005 is required before any interaction, including transfer between cells and experimentation, may take place. See Document #005-TE2 for transfer and experimentation protocol. Level C Hazmat gear is to be worn by personnel during interactions with SCP-005 and in any areas which SCP-005 has been known to inhabit. Afterward, standard decontamination procedures are to be observed by all personnel involved to ensure no secondary spread of amnestic agents occurs. During a containment breach, security personnel are likewise required to wear a pulse monitor and SCRAMBLE gear, which has been used before against SCP-██, security personnel are required to use against SCP-005 a Micro H.I.D, Logicer and Epsilon 11 Rifle. When captured, SCP-005 must be implanted with subtermal tracking device upon capture. Description: SCP-005 resembles a humanoid, originating from ██████, █████████-████████, Germany. However, SCP-005 is a predator which displays atrophy of various systems similar to human organisms. The skin of SCP-005 is full of feathers with orange in the front and some brown at the back of the head. Reports state that SCP-005 is not entirely human, but a bird a [REDACTED] [DATA EXPUNGED] bird. While on his human form, by far his most dangerous form, SCP-005 can cause immense physical pain and psychological pain when it speaks, different from SCP-████, SCP-005 words do make sense sometimes but in most cases it can lead personnel brains to stop working and melt. SCP-005 is also capable of stealing people words and images and make it unfunny which can lead personnel to break in to his cell and harm him. While on his bird form, SCP-005 is still dangerous as it can bite personnel to death and do damages to his cell. SCP-005 was captured in ██████, █████████-████████ forest, by the Mobile Task Force Unit Foxtrot-05 composed of Capt. ████, Lt. █████████, Lt. ███ and Cdt. ████████, the remaining survivors. See Incident-005-1-A. Audio log from Interview 005-1: Interviewer: Dr. ███ Interviewed: Captain (Ret.) ████, former commander of retrieval team Foxtrot-05 Retrieval Incident #005-1-A <Begin Log> Capt. ████: I thought it was just a simple “bag and tag”, we had reports of missing people on this part of Germany but they would come back but different like their brains melted and that was the price that some of my team suffered. They didn’t tell us jack shit what we were dealing with. Dr. ███: Can you describe the mission, please? Capt. ████: Yeah, sorry. We had two choppers, one with my team and the other with my second squad of reinforcements; we arrived on the ground and went on foot to the forest, everything was clean no target was there but the birds were. My second squad stayed at the choppers while my team went in to the forest. Dr. ███: Your reports say that the temperature was higher than 16°C, humidity 100%. Capt. ████: Correct. Anyway, we were deep into the forest until all the birds disappear all of them but one, a [REDACTED] [DATA EXPUNGED] bird, orange too with some brown in the back, that was the target, right there we had it [Pauses] Then it disappear quicker than the eye, we heard Corporal ██ scream as he was being attacked by the target, his face was gone and the bird ate it all. [Interviewed now pauses for a second before continuing] Sorry. Got the willies for a second. Dr. ███: That’s all right. Capt. ████: [Pauses] yeah, yeah. The bird then changed to a human but still had feathers and started speaking with us, that was when me and some of my Lieutenants and a Cadet put something to cover our ears, the rest of the team didn’t do it in time and they brains melted down, causing physical and psychological pain. We continued to fire at it, it was taking damage but still resisting. Dr. ███: This was when your second squad of reinforcements arrived? Capt. ████: Yeah, and most of my squad gone, only me Lt. █████████, Lt. ███ and Cdt. ████████ survived, the second squad managed to shoot the bird down and hit him with a tranquilizer. Dr. ███: All right, I believe we are done here. Thank you, Captain. [Chairs are heard moving, and footsteps leave the room. Captain (Ret.) ████ is confirmed to have left Interview Room 22.] <End Log>
  3. Item #: SCP-004 Object Class: Euclid Neutralized Special Containment Procedures: SCP-004 is to be contained in its cell a Standard Secure Humanoid Containment Cell with at least a camera watching at all times. During transport, SCP-004 must be secured within a Class III Humanoid Restriction Harness and monitored by no fewer than two armed guards. SCP-004 is attracted to plants and wood which are used to facilitate the containment. If SCP-004 feeds from small plants nothing will happen to him but if he feeds from plants of trees or wood, it will enter an enraged mode where it will break out of its containment cell or transportation and cause a containment breach. Description: SCP-004 is a humanoid entity, roughly 1.7 meters in height. Origin in ██████ ██████. SCP-004 was found in a local home by The Foundation after reports of missing trees and lack of oxygen in the area, during a raid on a local home, NTF Unit Epsilon-11 code name [REDACTED] found the inside part of the house completely destroyed and found rests of wood on the ground, on the basement they found SCP-004, enraged, SCP-004 attacked one NTF Soldier and injured him, the rest captured SCP-004 and it was transported to Site-██ in Ipswich England. SCP-004 can speak various languages but he prefers to speak in English and Medieval French. SCP-004 should not be given wood to eat or else he will enter an enraged mode and break everything, while testing with SCP-004 enraged mode, Scientists discovered that the enraged mode only lasts 20 minutes after that SCP-004 will calm down, during this state SCP-004 should not be interacted, not only it will attack the person but it will speak words that will cause severe brain damage to the person. The following interview was conducted by Dr. Isaac Kleiner during the initial investigation. Interviewer: Dr. Isaac Kleiner, Site-██ Interviewee: SCP-004 [BEGIN LOG] SCP-004: (In French) So then, how should we begin? An introduction? Dr. Isaac Kleiner: (Aside) Is that French? Can we get a translator- SCP-004: (In English) The King's English! No need for translation, sir, I can speak it well enough. Dr. Isaac Kleiner: Good. My name is Dr. Isaac Kleiner, and I- SCP-004: A doctor? Wonderful, maybe you want to test me again like the other researchers? Dr. Isaac Kleiner: No need to get aggressive SCP-004, we know what you are capable of but you can’t do that without eating wood. SCP-004: You are right... Dr. Isaac Kleiner: We’ve watched and tested you in your enrage mode for several weeks now, and honestly I’m not sure I understand what you’re doing. Can you describe how do you go enrage by simply eating wood? SCP-004: You are a doctor…you should know this kind of stuff...or do your researchers don’t know the answer? To be honest with you doctor, I too don’t know how did this happen but when I tasted wood it was so delicious but yet hard to ingest… look I eat wood and I love to eat wood. Dr. Isaac Kleiner: We will continue to test you SCP-004, x-rays and other means to discover on how are you able to eat wood. Unfortunately the interview has come to an end, thank you for your patience SCP-004. We should interview you again in 72 hours. SCP-004: Will I be able to eat wood? Dr. Isaac Kleiner: No SCP-004 (Walks out of the room) SCP-004: (Laughs) Oh yes I will doctor. [END LOG]
  4. Item #: SCP-003 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-003 should not leave his containment chamber at all time and be watched 24 hours a day, people close to his containment chamber will be shot down if found in a range of 30 meters close to it. If a person inhales its radiation they should be shot down immediately and move the body inside the containment chamber, if not possible to move the body, they should burn the body in 20 minutes before the radiation from the body spreads outside SCP-003 containment chamber. In case of a containment breach irradiation measures will be deployed in the event of political or military action which may result in the facility being dismantled; a power failure; or zero communications from operatives or outside channels during any given eight hour period. Description: SCP-003 is a complex emission of energy in the form of particles and waves, also known as radiation. Origin in Chernobyl, Ukraine. SCP-003 is a special radiation that can infect people from the inside of the body, when inhaled it will dissolved their organs in a time of 45 minutes and change the appearance of the skin and enhance it making the host a [REDACTED] obeying to exterminate all life that it sees in its path, people that reach this state will be known as SCP-003-2. SCP-003 was contained on ██-█-████ after the nuclear accident of Chernobyl, there is no full information on how the radiation was formed and/or what was the USSR doing in [DATA EXPUNGED] at the nuclear central of Chernobyl that could have formed this radiation.
  5. Item #: SCP-4983 Object Class: Keter Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-4983 is to be muted always on his containment chamber at all times. When personnel must enter SCP-4983’s container, no one should listen to his words when he is un-muted, everyone should ignore what he says or not engage a conversation with him until all personnel have vacated and relocked the container. Description: Moved to Site 193 located in Ipswich England in 2018. Origin in Latvia. SCP-4983 is a brick with indescribable flags. SCP-4983 is a humanoid creature animated and extremely hostile. The humanoid creature can move at all times but when talking it will remain still until the conversation is over. The humanoid creature has been reported to talk for hours and hours about things that doesn’t interest anyone which when effected the individual will cause their brain cells to commit suicide and lead them to suicide or it will give them cancer.
  6. It was a good run boys had a blast with this community will never Forget the wonderful times we played and this community growing up
  7. Terrorspy

    Game Nights

    Yes Killing Floor and CSS
  8. I love a fresh start from any game so I wont mind to start from the beginning
  9. Should have named it M4A1-S Jungle Inferno but it looks decent
  10. nice copy of KF2 Power Core should be named to wzs_powecore.bsp imo… I like this map , a small map, not lot of space making people feel claustrophobic making the map very good
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