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  1. It was a good run boys had a blast with this community will never Forget the wonderful times we played and this community growing up
  2. Terrorspy

    Game Nights

    Yes Killing Floor and CSS
  3. I love a fresh start from any game so I wont mind to start from the beginning
  4. Should have named it M4A1-S Jungle Inferno but it looks decent
  5. nice copy of KF2 Power Core should be named to wzs_powecore.bsp imo… I like this map , a small map, not lot of space making people feel claustrophobic making the map very good
  6. Is this Talon Knife little brother Karambit that everyone was waiting
  7. It wouldn't be a custom TTT without more tools for the Traitors and Detectives, mostly the Detectives since they are the role that have less tools to use, Innoncents should have a upgrade to their role ( but not powers when I mean powers I mean force testing and other stuff) maybe they should have a buy menu to buy weapons in each round (mostly smgs, pistols,grenades and some of the rifles, but this is just my opinion I am sure people would disagree)
  8. I agree, I do also have some suggestions maybe more maps and more rounds, since with the Negev you can easly complete rounds in 30 seconds
  9. Terrorspy

    2018 Halloween Update

    Everyone join the hype train
  10. But then how would the inno win if they cant kill the Jester
  11. I dont mind new roles but that would ruin the original TTT but I dont mind as I previous mentioned , new roles can be interesting if they arent overpowerd , imagine the normal Detective , the role has already good power by its name and have abilities like force test etc, but if there was a Deputy role , that role would have less power than the Detective which I wouldnt mind too, but if there was a role higher than the Detective like "Sheriff" or something of that category, would he be overpowered since of his position , what stuff would he have, and what permission can he do to the other people. I forgot to mention one thing, In my opinion the Detective should have more weaponery to his disposal, I dont know what weapons or stuff but he should
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