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  1. The Quotes Topic

    Post the best quotes from our community here, as per tradition. I'll start us off "It's like heroin but better" ~ Alfred Wifflesnoff, ban addict
  2. SkinUtils

    Now that we've announced a feature which allows players to create and submit their Skin submissions, we've received an overwhelming amount of submissions and feedback for community-made content. We've got a few more features planned for the near future which will make finding and upvoting content easier, like the Steam Community Workshop. Another big feature will be a package which gives Creators more resources and utilities which will help them create high quality skins. Skin Utilities (shortened to SkinUtils), will be a downloadable package in the next few days made by me, with help from ZeRo and some skin creators. With the Confluence page, this should give skin makers everything they need for high-quality results. This package will include; Skin Testing directories for quick and easy installation Seamless 2K texture library, including normal maps Weapon Ambient Occlusion maps Install application to select your skins and auto-install them for in-game testing Video tutorials explaining all aspects of basic skin creation Advanced VMT files + Tutorials Render Application for creating high quality weapon thumbnails More features to be confirmed SkinUtils will be progressively updated with features on the list over the coming weeks. Features tagged in Green are finished, Orange is work in progress, and Red is unreleased. The Render Application will be able to make weapon previews similar to the following; SkinUtils 0.1 will be released later this week, and updates will be added to a changelog thread like the old radio. Stay tuned!
  3. Neon Sun Artwork

    You can experiment with the background, but send me a message with your design first if you plan on using it for actual submission
  4. Neon Sun Artwork

    Something a little different. Not having a great day, but with the new weapon skin submissions, everyone's being a bit creative so I thought I'd join in. Although it's not a skin, here's a doodle I took and made into a proper piece this morning. Took about 1 and a half hours. Neon Sun Artwork Alternate Orange version 16:9 Desktop Versions
  5. Net Neutrality

    As you probably all know by now, a vote for Net Neutrality in the United States is due to happen today, on the 14th December. If you don't know what any of this means, Net Neutrality is a set of laws in the US which prevent Internet Providers from restricting access and internet speeds freely. The FCC has been pushing to remove these laws despite public protest, and they could succeed tomorrow. For example, under a Service Provider, Facebook might load much slower, or be blocked entirely. You would have to pay to make it run faster or even access it, or use a sponsored alternative for free, such as MySpace. These laws aren't being passed to benefit the public at all. They're solely to take internet freedom from you, and make you pay to get it back. Even if you don't live in the US, this might affect you. Services such as Steam could potentially take a big hit and may have to change how they operate, and of course, if you live in the United States then you could potentially have the restrictions listed above on your access to the internet. If the vote is passed, other countries could be encouraged to follow suit. Visit https://www.battleforthenet.com/breaktheinternet/ for some more information. US Citizens can contact Congress directly to protest, and non-US Citizens can join in through Social Media. Or you can watch this.
  6. Stronghold V1 vs Stronghold V2

    We decided a while ago to keep the original Stronghold map on V1 for a few reasons; sh_lockdown is the standard map for Stronghold, meaning regular players of the gamemode don't have to download another map. Although the V2 map adds to the original, it's still a separate map file. Some players have performance issues on the V2 map, so the V2 server is recommended for players who have PCs capable of handling the map. It still doesn't require much power, but some players game on notebooks or laptops and benefit from the original's performance advantage. Most people just prefer the original map. V2 is larger with some additional props, but this is so features like the Jetpack and long-range sniping can be fully used, also adds more complexity. As SH V2 used to be Stronghold Pro, most players would rather play more simple.
  7. The Quotes Topic

    "I have a camel toe" ~ @MrTwD
  8. The Quotes Topic

    "I'm HIV Positive" ~ @ZeRo
  9. Would it be possible to switch weapon mechanics in realtime later down the line? So you could toggle between, for example, the TTT AWP and Gungame AWP
  10. Source Engine game models should be fine, such as the HL2 models or the new Dust 2 playermodels. Other models will definitely have hitboxes at least the same size as CSGO models, and usually they'll have bigger ones depending on the mesh. If there was a Flint Lockwood playermodel, the head would be fucking huge. It's a tradeoff though, look dope in Stronghold but you get shot easier. +1 (also slightly off-topic mini rant time, it's annoying as fuck when other TTT servers are popular because they have a load of models which sometimes don't even have working hitboxes at all. I saw one with a Pickle Rick playermodel which was sized and had hitboxes the size of a pickle. WZ has more custom content than CSGO, but playing as a fucking pickle at the expense of giving players game-breaking advantages is better, right?)
  11. The Quotes Topic

    Inspect element doesn't count ._________.
  12. With or without mayonnaise

    The real question is, unless they're the thinass bitchass twigass weakass fatass saltass fries from McBitchAss, then why the ass are you calling them fries, bitch?
  13. Surf Coaching

    Maybe have an option to toggle a permanent trail of the current map record so then the player can try follow it whilst they surf? Not sure if that'd be too OP though
  14. When life gives you lemons

    When life gives you lemons, hollow out your skull with a bullet.
  15. The Quotes Topic

    ay gornot my b ig fluffy dream daddy @ZeRo
  16. Stattrak for Gloves

    It'd be cool to have a watch as the Stattrak counter and have something new, like time played with the gloves equipped. I can try make a model mock-up soon.
  17. How Did You Find Warzone?

    I was at a friend's house a few years back and he decided to go on a random TTT server with me, as we wanted to play a game together and the laptop he let me use at his house could only run shitty games like Source. He ended up getting bored of a few and went on RDMing sprees and left, whereas I just went to the next one when I got bored. At one point we joined a server which actually seemed pretty nice. I got RDMed as a Traitor in the first second, reported it, and it got sorted out pretty much instantly by @archilles392. He gave me 35k to buy another Traitor Ticket (which was well before Cases were introduced, so this was actually a decent amount of money). My mate got bored of Gmod so started RDMing and left. Because the admins were nice, I wrote the name on the back of my hand, Overwatch Gaming. I was a TTT regular for a while after, mostly talking to archilles and another ex-admin, King Elmo. Because I played some TTT a few years beforehand, I had a pretty good idea of the rules. Two players called wm+1 overlord and @FaZe Taylor Swift jokingly started #alfred4admin, and it actually caught on with some players. I was working towards applying for admin in the non-spammy sense (back when Mod didn't exist, and 20 posts were needed to apply) by creating a TTT guide explaining all the rules. @ZeRo messaged me to offer the role of "TTT slave/admin" With most TTT admins, we didn't really go on Teamspeak much at the time and kept to ourselves. Mostly talked to FaZe and persuaded him to apply for admin, along with @puk413 and occasionally @Gornot when I went on Stronghold. I'd occasionally come on Teamspeak to play Scrap Mechanic with @Screamoheart and Epic_Fool. They were the only people I really talked to in Teamspeak, as well as Rukia and a few of Epic's friends in TeamSpeak. Few months later, Overwatch got shut down for toxic players and how much it cost (I didn't find out we got a C&D from Blizzard until after the relaunch). The servers shut down, and I started playing more Arma for a while. I kept a few people from OWG on my friends list. A few months later, Screamo messaged me about VR, and I noticed he was on the WZ Dev Server, but had to keep it a secret. A few weeks later, he sent me a link announcing the relaunch of WarZone Gaming for some time in September. I asked ZeRo why a date wasn't confirmed, and he said it was because they needed a Garry's Mod Manager. I offered to take the position and got accepted. There was a brief time I wasn't Manager because of the hotradremixlx shit which pretty much everyone knows about now, but other than that, that's how I joined the Community/got the position.
  18. The Quotes Topic

    @MrTwD browsing an anime sex toy website (I have questions too) Dan "This one's called My Sister's So Tight" Alfred "Maybe it just means she's cool, like you and your sister are tight together" Dan "No, that looks like a vagina"
  19. The Quotes Topic

    #general discussion of how my Discord profile picture is cute
  20. The Quotes Topic

    "Paradox was a shared condom" ~ @MrTwD
  21. Help?

    Servers are currently undergoing update maintenance. /Locked.
  22. Roses Are Red...

    roses are red, get in the bin, tbh I have nothing, just tried joining in
  23. The Quotes Topic

    He made a milk joke a few seconds before this, and I meant I don't give a shit about that. By the time I pressed enter it was too late
  24. Questions that shouldnt have answers

    "Dan, why do you know so much about ASMR?"
  25. Social Media Giveaway #4

    Alfred Wifflesnoff STEAM_0:0:55269673 Good luck lads