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  1. Not Alfred

    Alfred is a fucking Jew pt. 2

    no beating round the bush this time lads let's jump right in
  2. Not Alfred

    TTT with new roles?

    +1. TTT is a good gamemode because it is a fairly easy concept to grasp, you can pick it up and just start. From the perspective of a new player, if they have another role to learn then it will defer people from joining. Fun rounds however, are something that can be described in a sentence, don't overhaul every round of the game, and can let people have a bit of fun when playing rather than taking it super seriously (like literally everyone does on TTT tbh). We've already got the code for fun rounds in other gamemodes too. Also opens up a lot for Game Nights and simply letting an Admin start a fun round if everyone on the server's alright with it.
  3. Not Alfred

    Stronghold Tournament

    There's a lot of discussion here about weapons to use or not, best to clarify some things. First, the AWP is the most used Sniper in SH, and most of the folks in Management said there would be way too many players using the AWP. Of course, there are other auto-snipers and the M4A4 which also would do with some balancing, but removing a massive portion of the guns would further dwindle down the amount of entering players. Honestly, if it was my call this would be in SH2. Better, more balanced weapons all around with more features and we probably wouldn't have to ban anything other than the RPG, but people prefer the broken as hell weapon system in the original, and that's why the SH2/3/Pro servers died within a matter of weeks ¯\/(ツ)\/¯ Another thing is for the Sunday round, there will be a new Discord channel for the 12 competing players. In there, we'll be discussing some new rulesets for that night and you can organise teams if you want. Most rules will stay the same, however you will be able to vote to ban certain weapons for the Sunday round. Also, I'm certain the RPG ban is self explanatory
  4. Not Alfred

    [SUGGESTION] Competitive Gamemodes and Ping

    For the Stronghold tournament, I'll make sure that the players entering have a maximum consistent ping of 150 for the sake of not giving gameplay advantage. For regular matches, it would need some more thought. Maybe for the matchmaking system the host can set a custom ping limit above 100 for playing games like Wingman
  5. Not Alfred

    Stronghold Tournament

    Good point, I'll replace that now
  6. Not Alfred

    Stronghold Tournament

    As the Anniversary is now less than a week away, we'll be running some events in-game to celebrate. Most of these will be fun-round styled modifiers similar to the low-gravity we had on the closure of OWG, however alongside those we will be running a Stronghold Tournament. We initially planned to run a CS:GO Tournament, however due to the time taken for us to set it up and the dedication required from entrees, we decided this is the best and most accessible option for our players. From this year onwards, we will be hosting Tournaments in each of our games, starting with Stronghold. This will be hosted on a separate server to better keep track of competing players and to enforce custom rules. We will be running the event as follows; The Standalone server will launch on Saturday and Sunday at 18:00-18:30 (BST). This will run alongside the main server The server will be open for 30 minutes, starting with a clean Scoreboard and no props placed On Saturday, the server will be accessible through the Server browser or through swapme. 9 players with the highest points score will be invited to the Server on Sunday, and will win $1,000,000 WZ Each The three players with the highest amount of kills on the Sunday will win prizes, with rewards incrementing upwards with 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place Prizes are currently unconfirmed, however some will be as follows 1st Place $25,000,000 WZ 100 Cases of your choice Any skin of your choice (Not including exclusive skins) One custom-designed Weapon, Glove, or Knife Skin of your choice Lifetime Platinum VIP 2nd Place $20,000,000 WZ 50 Cases of your choice Any skin of your choice (Not including exclusive skins) One custom-designed Weapon Skin of your choice Lifetime Gold VIP 3rd Place $15,000,000 WZ 25 Cases of your choice Any skin of your choice (Not including exclusive skins) Lifetime Silver VIP 1st/2nd/3rd: One unannounced prize Top 12 $1,000,000 WZ We will also be running a custom ruleset for the event, with set conditions; AWPs/RPGs will not be equippable Base building is banned (Props can still be used to climb roofs, etc) Teams are allowed, with up to 3 players. Keep in mind, winning places are per-person, however can be shared amongst a team A new ruleset will be introduced for the Sunday round, and will be announced to the contenders Regular rules will also apply. If any rules are broken intentionally, the player will be banned for the duration of the Server event without warning. Looking forward to seeing you there!
  7. Not Alfred


    Maybe a minimum +1%? So when bidding on a $100k skin, the minimum bid is $1k. Ofc not much but for the much higher-valued skins that could be feasible
  8. Not Alfred

    The Quotes Topic

    "Thank god Subbie wasn't here with the micspammer earlier because he has Tinnitus" @Megasubbie: "what"
  9. Really like the idea of the glowing edges Looks really good
  10. Not Alfred

    Skin Renderer 0.3 now Live!

    Skin Renderer has a new Update which adds a lot of features, such as a new Material setup, Studio Setups, advanced Normal/Alphas, and a lot more. I've transferred everything over to Confluence including files and a written tutorial on how to use it. There will be more added to the Documentation, but if you have any issues drop me a Discord Message. You can access it here, or by looking at the Content Creation section of Confluence. Examples (Will be updated)
  11. Not Alfred

    Infinity Gloves

    Images/Videos: (aliasing makes them look bad in these screenshots) Skin Description: These are altered Bloodhound gloves, with the remaining studs and the wrist strap alpha-channel removed to create the Six infinity stones as faithfully as possible. Unfortunately it won't work with selfillum, and I tried making the other glove invisible but of course the hand underneath was non-existent x) Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: The idea for this Skin came up shortly after the Skin Competition, as there could be plans for a Marvel collection to lead from that. As we've already got gloves, it would be a missed opportunity in the collection without it. @Callum (Blazingstardude) came up with the idea too and challenged me to do it External images used: None
  12. Not Alfred

    Faces That You Frag V4

  13. Not Alfred

    Music Kit - Bayonetta

    Never played Bayonetta, but she's OP in Smash :^) Listened to some of the Soundtrack before on Youtube, should be good
  14. Not Alfred


    I am time
  15. Not Alfred

    Surf. Choose the gun you want.

    Could be nice to show a weapon skin in spec replays and such, but other than that it's what zero said. The pistol is mainly just a utility for fixing camera bugs/shooting glass

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