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  1. Really like the idea of the glowing edges Looks really good
  2. Not Alfred

    Skin Renderer

    Optional Tips Tip: In the Camera Menu, you can change this Focal value to adjust how drastic the lens distortion is. A higher value will result in a flatter image, whereas a lower value will result in a more 3D and angled image, which works really well with Depth of Field. I prefer a lower value, around 25 works well. Here's an example;
  3. Not Alfred

    Skin Renderer

    So far I've shown Callum, Sponge, and Edana how to do renders in Blender 3D, but the process to get that set up has been a complex one. The results pay off though, as ray-tracing can create some really nice results as shown below, with accurate reflections and image-based lighting rather than coming from a single source. A similar configuration was also used to render the new CT Gloves previews. To make the system easier, I've created a template file for rendering your own skins in Blender. The current file has support for; Gloves, Guns, and Knives (All included in the file, no need to download or import them. Includes Horizon knives/MP5SD) Textures, Normal Maps, and Selfillum, with control for bump intensity and glow intensity (Examples below) Depth of Field Swappable lighting maps, control over how the lightmap is positioned, and their brightness Screenshots/Installation
  4. Not Alfred

    Infinity Gloves

    Images/Videos: (aliasing makes them look bad in these screenshots) Skin Description: These are altered Bloodhound gloves, with the remaining studs and the wrist strap alpha-channel removed to create the Six infinity stones as faithfully as possible. Unfortunately it won't work with selfillum, and I tried making the other glove invisible but of course the hand underneath was non-existent x) Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: The idea for this Skin came up shortly after the Skin Competition, as there could be plans for a Marvel collection to lead from that. As we've already got gloves, it would be a missed opportunity in the collection without it. @Callum (Blazingstardude) came up with the idea too and challenged me to do it External images used: None
  5. Not Alfred

    Faces That You Frag V4

  6. Not Alfred

    Music Kit - Bayonetta

    Never played Bayonetta, but she's OP in Smash :^) Listened to some of the Soundtrack before on Youtube, should be good
  7. Not Alfred


    I am time
  8. Not Alfred

    Surf. Choose the gun you want.

    Could be nice to show a weapon skin in spec replays and such, but other than that it's what zero said. The pistol is mainly just a utility for fixing camera bugs/shooting glass
  9. Not Alfred

    ☆ Karambit | Crimson Kimono

    The format needs to be fully followed for a submission to be accepted.
  10. Not Alfred

    Lit Trash

    Locked post, but thank god I have Manager powers Thank you for submitting your skin to WarZone Gaming, but unfortunately we have declined your submission for the following reasons; It's an ironic excuse to justify your lack of talent in skin creation The last person to create an ironic skin was Hotradremixlx. He was also shit at making skins, but... He did a better job than you. Any skin which isn't made by you is crap, according to your feedback That makes you a hypocrite We're not going to reward you with a Pin and in-game items because you spent 10 minutes in MS Paint "for the me mes" will not change our mind Try redeeming yourself by contributing something good to the community. Whether that be an actually good Skin, useful feedback to anyone other than you, or just complete silence I'll be waiting @BlueLagoonFM
  11. Not Alfred


    Surprised I didn't comment on this at the time. Looks amazing
  12. Music Kit Name: Manners Maketh Man Cover Image: Kit Description: As you can guess from the cover art, this is a Kingsman-styled Music Kit. As with Legacy, this has a classic yet exciting pace that should fit in comfortably to CSGO and our GMod servers. Why do you want your music kit added to WarZone Gaming?: My last music kit sounds too quiet In seriousness though, I like this style and think we should see more of it, even if at times it's similar to CSGO's music, some people will prefer that over something drastically different Additional Comments: The Umbrella was a bitch to model x)
  13. Despite the addition of the External images used section in the template, people seem to be editing that part of the template out. This must always be included, and even if you haven't used any, the section must still be included and should say None. As a reminder, External images are any images used that aren't created by you, such as Google images. In the section, include a picture of the original image and a link to the source. If the External Images section is intentionally ignored, mislabeled, or edited out, the submission will be declined. Here's the original post which says more about the change.
  14. Not sure if this is what you mean, but gamemodes have different weapon bases which will change the model positioning, movement animations, zooming in, firing, etc. Most notable example of that was the difference between Stronghold and SH2. This is planned for some time in the future, but there isn't a date on it right now. Likely a feature which will come further down the line.
  15. Not Alfred

    Changes to Content Submissions

    The changes are only going to affect new submissions, so you're good

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