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  1. Welcome to Warzone! We hope you enjoy Warzone and have fun while playing with us!
  2. These are some good ideas. I really like the helmet idea as it is a nice game changer and makes the detective much more better than usual. The grappling hook is a good idea, the only problem I see with that is people using it to get to out of bounds areas. The deputy: So when you play TTT there will be random people going to the detective asking to be the 'deputy' it does nothing it's usually just to say "Can I be the guy that you trust that can also boss people around" I guess it could be incorporated for deputies to force people to test and such depending on the possibility of this. I'd also like to add onto the f8 idea and suggest that when someone kills a person and it displays the logs for them shooting them and killing them. Maybe give us the power to click onto the log of this and it'll show shot logs of the two straight away.
  3. I like the idea and following up with that, due to us having the menu where we can buy our guns already. What about like being able to select a load out, then fast buying it from there. But from pressing F2, and it being on that menu or something?
  4. This would be overpowered. New players would rage and claim RDM. Us admins would get tons of RDM reports from this and making the logs say if they used it too is a large pain too I'd assume.
  5. Hello there, the rank of globalist was your previous rank yes. Although, when surf is updated, all ranks get reset. This is because it fixes bugs and as a result, some times are unachievable now. Therefore, I believe there must have been an update to our surf server for your rank to have reset. - Embers
  6. They look good, but not as much as the originals. Such as the amazing wireframe deagle right here
  7. Does that mean Zero is gonna run away like my last father?
  8. Just like Felix I started doing YouTube. Not as developed as he is. Don't even have good recording software or even a logo but once I do hopefully I can do some funtages and stuff. But this was just a dope shot I pulled and decided to edit.
  9. @Seikatsu I believe we can implement some player models. Although some that give an advantage will most likely not be implemented e.g. skeleton, any other thin player models or small ones. Although the more larger ones or general ones I'll see if they can be implemented. I'm going through our maps over time to see which are good, which ones you can actually hide in and which people like/dislike. I'll see about the hiders turning into seekers, not sure though as we currently have an even amount of hiders to seekers on our version. But I'll see what I can do. Thanks for the suggestions!
  10. Hi all, As of last week I have taken the position of Hide and Seek game mode maintainer. I'm going to be looking through the maps and looking at ways to improve the game mode in general. If anyone has any suggestions for maps or improvements in general, feel free to suggest them here and we'll see what we can do. Any suggestion or piece of advice is great and appreciated. - Embers
  11. The motd is also there to show people the rules. If it's at 5 seconds they probably won't load in time. But 10 seconds they will. Then if someone gets warned they cannot say "Well I didn't know the rules/didn't know there were any" because the rules were point out to them. They chose to ignore it. VIPs are usually regular players who understand the rules and know that if they break it their vip would be a waste.
  12. Damn gimp is tedious for changing colours.
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