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  1. looking for offers on any of these items

    Sure, pm me when you're online to trade.
  2. looking for offers on any of these items

    How much for the sharks carnage?
  3. Social Media Giveaway #19

    IGN: EmbersOfTheFlame SteaID: STEAM_0:1:53179916 SteamLink: http://steamcommunity.com/id/EmbersOfTheFlame/ Goodluck y'all.
  4. Not unbanned???

    The ban is lifted right now. Enjoy the unban. It was lifted 30 minutes ago.
  5. My introduction!

    I've seen him on TTT a couple times this week, just not when you were on xD
  6. MP5 | Omen

    Ohh I like it man, I love the demonic type weapons. I hoping to have a demonic set one day.
  7. Reporting Players

    We kinda have a /report system. The issue is rarely anyone uses it anyway. We shouldn't enforce that idea onto others. Also, there was one on servers I have previously been on, the more known player always gets the right of way. Like I have been warned on multiple servers that have a system like this. May have even been banned on one...
  8. Lets talk about RDM...

    "rdm needs to be tightened and not just thrown around where it really dosent fit. That's a phrase? You sure you didn't make it up, and you're practically saying we should just change what RDM means, like make it called Not Random But Still Pretty Random Death Match. AKA NRBSPRDM. Wow, try saying that out loud. xD
  9. New glove?

    We got a forum for glove skin ideas and what skins you want to be created already here:
  10. KOSing as a T

    Yeah, YOUR job is to kill all innocents. Which means should you kos them, you're technically trying to get them to be killed by people who are not traitors and cause RDM. This means you'll also be warned for false KOS which no admin likes, it makes our job harder.
  11. Gamemode?

    But you earn money, so like a love child of Stronghold and DarkRP I guess...
  12. Huntsman Knife | Scatter

    Gotta agree with Nitro here, the grips colours give me a headache for some reason, it doesn't look right. If possible either tone down the brightness for that part, or get rid of it I guess.
  13. What do you identify as?

    I identify as a knife... *stabs @Callum (Blazingstardude)*
  14. Hide & Seek suggestions

    Yeah, this is why I like to play this game and prophunt mainly with friends, I usually find great exploits, they're possible for people to get to of course, or I'll give hints to help them. It's great.
  15. Hide & Seek suggestions

    I see what your ideas are, it's like normal Gmod Hide and Seek correct? I think so at least, I love normal version because I am pretty good at it, although now we got bhop which breaks the concept of hide and seek, this now becomes run and catch. A simple game of cat and mouse if you wish. Although, I already suggested this and it seems this version of Hide and Seek, takes off from CSS's version. This is pretty much what it is like, I suggest that if the idea cannot be used, then maybe a separate server for your idea?