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  1. EmbersOfTheFlame

    Silver 2 plays.

    Just like Felix I started doing YouTube. Not as developed as he is. Don't even have good recording software or even a logo but once I do hopefully I can do some funtages and stuff. But this was just a dope shot I pulled and decided to edit.
  2. EmbersOfTheFlame


  3. EmbersOfTheFlame

    The Nuke Experience

    Revenge will be sweet
  4. EmbersOfTheFlame

    Hide and Seek suggestions.

    @Seikatsu I believe we can implement some player models. Although some that give an advantage will most likely not be implemented e.g. skeleton, any other thin player models or small ones. Although the more larger ones or general ones I'll see if they can be implemented. I'm going through our maps over time to see which are good, which ones you can actually hide in and which people like/dislike. I'll see about the hiders turning into seekers, not sure though as we currently have an even amount of hiders to seekers on our version. But I'll see what I can do. Thanks for the suggestions!
  5. EmbersOfTheFlame

    Hide and Seek suggestions.

    Hi all, As of last week I have taken the position of Hide and Seek game mode maintainer. I'm going to be looking through the maps and looking at ways to improve the game mode in general. If anyone has any suggestions for maps or improvements in general, feel free to suggest them here and we'll see what we can do. Any suggestion or piece of advice is great and appreciated. - Embers
  6. EmbersOfTheFlame

    Garry's mod MoTD timer

    The motd is also there to show people the rules. If it's at 5 seconds they probably won't load in time. But 10 seconds they will. Then if someone gets warned they cannot say "Well I didn't know the rules/didn't know there were any" because the rules were point out to them. They chose to ignore it. VIPs are usually regular players who understand the rules and know that if they break it their vip would be a waste.
  7. EmbersOfTheFlame

    Genuine Howl Pin Competition

    Damn gimp is tedious for changing colours.
  8. EmbersOfTheFlame

    The Great Alfred Drawing of 2018

    Ed sheeran is the best one.
  9. EmbersOfTheFlame

    A bit late but alright

    Welcome back mate, enjoy your stay.
  10. EmbersOfTheFlame

    Hello hello

    Welcome man! Enjoy your stay!
  11. EmbersOfTheFlame


    Ye, well I have the time stone!
  12. EmbersOfTheFlame

    Warzone's maps

    Not sure if this will work for you, but I had this once and I deleted the maps I had already downloaded on my gmod files and then this one worked. It wasn't a missing map, but essentially I had a version of it that's slightly different which meant only one would work.
  13. Hey all, firstly. You're probably thinking that I did a post just like this in May... yes, yes I did. but thats just a slightly similar title and this one includes small ideas that I took from that. So the first question I wish to ask you all is: What happens to the loves and hates? Well I previously suggested personal loves to be on pages for everyones own tastes. But this one is slightly different. I realised that on the radio we can only see the overall love and hates of songs when they're either played. Or when they're in the 'Most loves songs' section. But what happens to all the other songs? What if I want to see how many hates Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down has. Well I can't. So what if like in the image below, we can see these overall loves and hates. P.S. yeah this suggestion may not seem very beneficial to the average player, but I feel like it makes use out of the loves and hates thing much more, especially when I don't actually see hate being used. Thanks, - Embers.
  14. EmbersOfTheFlame

    Radio Suggestion - Loves.

    Hey all, so this is a small idea that I thought of around 10 months back but never thought to ask about it. The concept of it is that whenever you 'Love' a song then these loves go onto a personal page where it can store your loves. This way you can keep track of songs you have loved and if there's a song you wanna find and you don't remember the name of, yet you have loved it. You can simply go through the loved songs and find it with ease. This makes things easier and creates more player interaction within the radio. Any further ideas or comments on this idea is greatly appreciated. Positive or not. Thanks, - Embers.
  15. EmbersOfTheFlame

    Hiya, It'sa Me.

    Aww wtf you got Interactive Media as a BTEC. I got Media Studies as an A-level -.- it sucks and we learn literally nothing.

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