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  1. Hey all, firstly. You're probably thinking that I did a post just like this in May... yes, yes I did. but thats just a slightly similar title and this one includes small ideas that I took from that. So the first question I wish to ask you all is: What happens to the loves and hates? Well I previously suggested personal loves to be on pages for everyones own tastes. But this one is slightly different. I realised that on the radio we can only see the overall love and hates of songs when they're either played. Or when they're in the 'Most loves songs' section. But what happens to all the other songs? What if I want to see how many hates Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down has. Well I can't. So what if like in the image below, we can see these overall loves and hates. P.S. yeah this suggestion may not seem very beneficial to the average player, but I feel like it makes use out of the loves and hates thing much more, especially when I don't actually see hate being used. Thanks, - Embers.
  2. EmbersOfTheFlame

    Radio Suggestion - Loves.

    Hey all, so this is a small idea that I thought of around 10 months back but never thought to ask about it. The concept of it is that whenever you 'Love' a song then these loves go onto a personal page where it can store your loves. This way you can keep track of songs you have loved and if there's a song you wanna find and you don't remember the name of, yet you have loved it. You can simply go through the loved songs and find it with ease. This makes things easier and creates more player interaction within the radio. Any further ideas or comments on this idea is greatly appreciated. Positive or not. Thanks, - Embers.
  3. EmbersOfTheFlame

    Hiya, It'sa Me.

    Aww wtf you got Interactive Media as a BTEC. I got Media Studies as an A-level -.- it sucks and we learn literally nothing.
  4. EmbersOfTheFlame

    Hiya, It'sa Me.

    >Has GCSE exams. >Returns a week before they start >Profit Welcome back man xD
  5. EmbersOfTheFlame

    Hey everyone :)

    Hey man, welcome to the forums! Like said the forums are more free when people are off. Hope you enjoy your stay!
  6. EmbersOfTheFlame

    How do I..

    Press F3, this takes you to the store. Then go to inventory. Click on any cases there and press the button which buys the key and opens the case. Then you will be able to open the case.
  7. EmbersOfTheFlame

    Social Media Giveaway #23

    IGN: EmbersOfTheFlames. Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/EmbersOfTheFlame ID: STEAM_1:1:53179916 Goodluck everyone! The winner gets stabbed!
  8. EmbersOfTheFlame

    The Quotes Topic

    @Kitty Cat
  9. EmbersOfTheFlame

    The Quotes Topic

    @Kitty Cat
  10. EmbersOfTheFlame

    Surf DM Map Feedback

    As long as you keep the Austin Powers map I'll be happy xD I've never even seen the movies. But that map is just sooooo amazing!
  11. EmbersOfTheFlame

    The Quotes Topic

    @Not Alfred after I said about my past of fights xD
  12. EmbersOfTheFlame

    Music in loading screen please

  13. EmbersOfTheFlame


    Battle royale would be hard. I go on a server every while and then for that and it's so hard to moderate, then we get even more people complaining about the maps being errors and such because they don't have specific textures. The server will most definitely lag for the people with weaker gaming devices, especially if we mix gun skins in with this. Now I'm gonna explain the game modes a bit more, because no offence but most of that makes no sense at all. Murder: You got a murderer and innocents, one innocent has a secret weapon (a gun) or if set so there's more players there may be more secret weapon holders and murderers. The murderers must kill all innocents. Prop hunt: You got hunters, you got props. The props are people who hide as objects around the map and have to survive for an allotted time, the hunters must kill the props before the time is up. Guess who: Similar to prop hunt, one team hide as people that they see, the hunters must find which of these people are actual players and not NPC's. TBH I believe most of these game modes are better in small groups, like they get too chaotic in large games.
  14. EmbersOfTheFlame

    The Quotes Topic

  15. EmbersOfTheFlame

    Why did i lost all my skins and got unbanned?

    Not for another year you're not. On both of your accounts.

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