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  1. Welcome, i've played with you. Nice guy i gotta say, instead of solo'ing i should prob team with you. Enjoy your stay!
  2. Welcome back Exadon! Had a small talk with you not long ago, you seem like a nice guy
  3. Hey there! I come to introduce my self again. You may or may not know me, doesn't really matter to be honest. I really hope that we all can forget the bad shit and get on with it since i've changed and i realised what i did was bad. So my name is Rasmus, i am 17 years of age. My ingame name is HappyChineseMan101. I usually play on stronghold, so we may have met or not. I hope to learn more people this year and i hope i can make a much better introduction of myself this time
  4. I would like to see this song added - One More Light to honour Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington!
  5. Hey there! I would actually just like this one song requested EDIT : Just looked above me, it's already been suggested
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