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  1. Post your desktop

    Icons make me sick.
  2. It's a tier 3 map, and we have no higher than tier 1 servers at the moment!
  3. LoZ Wind Waker - Dragon Roost Island World of Warcraft - Lament of the Highborne Halo 3 OST - Greatest Journey Halo 2 Theme - Mjolnr Mix
  4. Path is back!

    There are multiple of them?! Anyway, welcome back, again, and be sure to join us on Discord!
  5. banned

    You wanna appeal, appeal, locking this so there's no shitshow on the forums.
  6. Broken, unwanted updates...

    Surf DM will be getting its own path of updates from now on, to ensure things like this don't break certain game modes, and with most of our other servers running on the same codebase, we didn't expect SurfDM to break, but it will be resolved ASAP.
  7. Afk-ing in Surf

    This is the way we want to have the afk system working, just gotta get it working that way.
  8. WOAH, Music Kits don't play?

    Any errors popping up anywhere, console? If so, that helps a tonne.
  9. Admin resignation (Viledas)

    We may not of spoke much, but wishing you all the best, atleast you got the teaching experience looking after the kiddos in TTT :LUUL: Have a good one, hope to see you back again!
  10. Possibly going to strip the sound effects out of the map, but no maps in the current rotation will ever be removed.
  11. Free Game Deals!

    Saints Row 2 is free on Steam too, just so y'all know.
  12. Ark's Introduction

    Oooooooh another WoW player! We're friends already! But hi, welcome to the forums
  13. Hi man! Isoc here...

    Hey there! Hope you enjoy your stay!
  14. Looking for new games to host

    We tried that for a short amount of time, it was less populated than the MW2 servers, so we took it down :LUL: