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  1. Hi

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    2. En1ightenment


      Hey, that's next month, thanks tho :3 

    3. Ohago


      You better watch your mouth.

    4. En1ightenment
  2. En1ightenment

    What games did you get during this sale ?

    I got these: edit: seems like there is a bug that adds my already existing attachments to the post and I can't delete them.
  3. How are you doing ?

    1. Kitty Cat

      Kitty Cat

      I'm doing okay, i'm going to a funeral on Monday.

  4. En1ightenment

    Who plays League of Legends?

    Empirix DZ, EUW
  5. En1ightenment

    My 5th or 6th introduction

    nah, I ""upgraded"" it.
  6. En1ightenment

    My 5th or 6th introduction

    Hello, Glad that WZ is back to being WZ, I was a member since the first WZ forums, I was that guy in the show us your internet speed thread from overwatchgaming.net who had like 5KBps download speed and 2000ms :^)

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