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  1. @Callum (Blazingstardude) Don't eat spicy food again.

  2. Allright, so I have a few suggestions, and instead of making 50 different posts, I decided to just fit them all in 1. Feel free to comment any "changes" or additions you have for the suggestions. Any feedback would be great. 1: Animations! (Denied due to difficulty) So, to start off, I had the idea of adding different animations for the inspect. These could be case drops/store items. I thought it would be funny to choose what animation you would like on your knife, ak, m4 and so on. Atm I don't really have any specifics, and I know it might take a while to add even more animations for the different weapons, but I thought this would be a fun little feature that could be added somewhere down the line. 1.5: Even More Animations! (Denied due to difficulty) Going with the suggestion above, I thought adding some animations for reloading, swapping weapons etc. would be funny aswell. These could be cool looking or just outright stupid, such as the "secret reload animations" from BF Hardline. Personally I would enjoy trying to reload my shotgun with a hand grenade or something retarded like that. BF Hardline Secret Reloads: 2: Ban Appeal Improvements. (Implemented) So, the staff team knows all too well that people can't have a difficult time remembering when and who banned them when submitting an appeal. So, I thought making a system where the player can simply "select" the ban they wish to appeal. These would ofc need to be bound to their steam ids, so they don't appeal another person's ban instead. This would then fill out the form with "Game", "Banned from Server", "Name when banned", "SteamID", "Banned by" "Ban date" and "Ban Reason". If possible, it could also auto assign the bans to the admin in question. 2.5: Ban Appeal Improvements 2. (This is only relevant if the above suggestion is Denied) If the suggestion above is too difficult, or just not something that you wanna do, then I though simply adding a dropdown menu in "Banned by" listing all the current staff would be a good idea. This would again auto assign the admin in question to the appeal. There would need to be an option called "other" or something like that, if the Admin was using a different name ingame, or they quit before the appeal was made. 3: Market Improvements With the recent update to the Community Market, I thought that adding a "looking for" kinda thing would be nice, this would notify people when the item is put up for sale or auction. With the ingame notifications including seller, price, and quicksell price. That way, people can keep track of when items they are looking for gets put up for sale. 4: Keep track of Staff! (Implemented) A while ago I had the idea for adding a "tracking" system, for regular players to see when people join/leaves staff or gets promoted etc. The idea is to have it in a forum comment type format. So they can see dates and whatnot. I stole the idea from ETS2MP who does something like this. But instead of doing a topic on the forums, I thought that putting it below the staff list would be nice. And if possible making is so that the comments shows it inverted from a normal forum comment section, so with new "posts" being first. The posts could be something simple like this: @Dark-Slide Is promoted to Garry's Mod Admins @Dark-Slide Joins the Staff Team as a Garry's Mode Moderator @Dark-Slide Left the Staff Team due to personal reasons @Dark-Slide Rejoins the Management Team as a Radio Manager @Dark-Slide Was removed from the Staff Team due to abuse of powers. And so on. 5: A small rule "change" for TTT Right now, it seems that the Staff Team is split when it comes to shooting someone who is following you. Some say you can if you give them warnings to stop first, and other say you can't at all. So a while back, Le Dude and I talked about adding a rule that says a Detective is allowed to kill people who follow them after giving 2-3 warnings in Text Chat. Because there is no reason for an innocent to follow a Detective around if he asks them to stop. It would have to be in Text Chat, so Staff is able to see that warnings were given. Also the warnings would have to be given over a time period of something like 30 seconds. So you can't just spam it 3 times then kill them. 6: A quick way for people ingame to get the Discord link/TS IP For the people ingame who don't often go to the website, finding the Discord link and the TS IP can be 'difficult'. So I thought that adding a command like !discord would be nice, this could just give a response to the player with the link. A similar command could be !ts with the same function. Or, adding them to the !swapme list could also work. 7: Small Feature for the Admin CP Currently, when banning someone for RDM and Leave or things when they have left the server, you need to type the name in manually, they copy paste the steam id. So adding a feature to to ban people straight off the "resent players" tab that would be really nice. And would take less time. This is what I have for now, if I think of something later, I will edit this post and add it. If you have any ideas/changes/corrections etc. comment them below! Thanks for reading and all that.
  3. The AK is supposed to be OP since it is a Traitor weapon. So I don't think this should be nerfed tbh. The guns, you can set yourself in the F1 menu. However I do agree with the screen color being annoying. I would like to add, that it would be nice if we couldn't hear the living players at all. Atm you can hear them fire, climb ladders and generally walk around. The deagle, in my opinion is perfect as it is. Yes a skilled player can get a long range headshot, but it's not easy. Getting the 1 tap headshots take some practice. Not many people use this as far as I know. However as this is something that is available to all players, increasing the pricing would only make it so regulars can do this. So I don't think making it more expensive is a good idea. --- Otherwise I think you have some ok-ish ideas. The XM1014 could definitely use a bit of a buff, atm people usually just throw it away if they get it. The AWP however is in my opinion perfect as it is.
  4. The time is in UK time, so if you live in a different time zone, the time for you will be different.
  5. I personally enjoy the Cancer giving shitfest, we call TTT.
  6. So, a Friend of mine was found dead today. Drowned in a harbor. Guys been missing since Thursday. 17 years old. Damn..

    1. Papa Gornot

      Papa Gornot

      What the fuck? Wow, sorry to hear that, bro. Are you okay? (I'm assuming you were close, otherwise you might not have chosen to share it here, what with all the trolls and morons infesting this community)...

    2. Dark-Slide


      I'm alright. But his parents are a mess. Losing a kid is... The worst.

    3. Papa Gornot

      Papa Gornot

      Especially a kid at that age. Fucking sad, mate.

  7. What's white, black and red all over? A penguin in a blender.
  8. I have to agree on the Admin thing, I don't think it's a good idea to give Admins special items, of any kind. I'd say that it should have a sell value, as the price of it, can be measured by how much the shop says it's worth. Other than that, It's a good idea. I'd say go for it.
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