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  1. Anonz

    Aug | Anniversary

    I love the way this skin displays the photo on the weapon, as well as the colour scheme. I really like your idea for putting the meetup team on it well done!
  2. Anonz

    Five Seven | Coffer

    Always a pleasure working with you to mate
  3. Anonz

    Five Seven | Coffer

    Skin Name: Coffer Weapon/Glove: Five Seven Images: Skin Description: I took inspiration from @|WZ| royalnoob Glock | Emoji and the New AWP Paw from the Horizon case, I decided to go with the cases from this community like Gungame, Surf DM etc. It features the blue sort of colour from the sites store page with the logo on the barrel. External Images Used: Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I took some time in designing this skin with the layering of the cases took a while to fill. I enjoyed working with Royal with where is best to have colours, how big the cases should appear and the overall design. Additional Comments: Happy 2nd Anniversary Warzone five_seven_warzone.wzproj.txt
  4. Anonz

    MP5 - Spatial

    Love the colour and how the two images go well with one another, Nice work.
  5. Anonz

    Symbiote Mk2

    The fact you used your own textures to make this is incredible. Really like the design and would love to see this implemented. My favourite is probably the red. Anyways well done on this Sponge!
  6. Anonz

    A Wild ToxicParagon Has Appeared!

    Hello and Welcome
  7. Anonz

    i am not new, but...

    Ahh Waffle always a familiar face on TTT and Gungame. Probably one of the first people I began conversing with when I joined Warzone. Nice to hear your story.
  8. Anonz

    Shadow Daggers | Scaled

    Thanks very much :)
  9. Skin Name: Scaled Weapon/Glove: Shadow Daggers Images: Scaled Azure Scaled Amethi Scaled Ddraig Scaled Fuxi Scaled Hong Skin Description: These Shadow Daggers have a pattern with the scales from a Dragon, hence the name. With each side being a different colour and the names of mythical dragons to go along with it (except Amethi) There are 5 different floats for this skin. External Images Used: Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I really enjoyed creating this skin, I had some fun messing with different colours and a huge thank you to @|WZ| royalnoob for helping me with the different colours which could go well with each other and giving me the idea to create floats and how to make them. Additional Comments I'm proud of this skin and I'd love it if it made it ingame. Thanks for checking it out 2shadow daggers_scaled.wzproj.txt
  10. Anonz


    A fellow scot eh? Welcome to Warzone.
  11. Anonz

    Talon | Hex (Collection)

    Great Design work. Love the hexes and the way its coloured makes it look really neat. Can tell a lot of effort was put into this and it would be nice to see these be accepted.
  12. Anonz

    Stiletto | Shard Collection

    Sicc Sicc Sicc Sicc Sicc Sicc Sicc Sicc
  13. Skin Name: Orange Blast Weapon/Glove: Shadow Daggers Images: Skin Description: Its a an explosion of Fire displayed on the knifes blade. I took inspiration from a character in Game of Thrones who often lit his sword on fire during fight scenes. Though its far from a sword I wanted to try it out on the Shadow Daggers and it seemed to come out fairly well. External Images Used: Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: This is my first submission for a knife skin and also my first attempt at selfillum. @TheSinkingSponge was helpful when I needed help with some of the parts of getting it to work so Thank you! Its brightly coloured and has potential for different floats. Additional Comments: Feedback as always is appreciated, I was thinking I could change the selfillum to just some parts of the blade. shadow daggers_orangeblast.wzproj.txt
  14. Anonz

    Navaja: Neon Contrast Ft. Not Alfred

    Not much to say, I like the Neon Fade items be it Gloves or knives and It would be good to see on a knife like this. Especially since this ones such an annoying model to use.

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