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  1. Scoping in TTT

    I asked myself since the Spec.DM gets new. Why if u are Scoping there ist a better scope than if ur Alive as Inno/Traitor or Detc. Maybe u can do this good scoping as Alive one too. It would be nice ^^ Havva
  2. AutoDJ Suggestions

    okey but thanks
  3. AutoDJ Suggestions

    i want the song '#Selfie - TheChainsmokers'
  4. That will be cool, but sorry, at this dates, im not at Home
  5. Many Rdm killers D:

    i hate it, if i get rdmd, we need more admins
  6. Hello :) How are U? :)

    1. lWZl Havva

      lWZl Havva

      Im fine, you? :D


    2. lWZl Havva

      lWZl Havva

      not so good D: nobody likes me, so im writing with myself xD

  7. A few TTT- Traitor item ideas

    youre right guy
  8. Country Gloves