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  1. Waffle

    The Marcel Appreciation (Not Really) Thread

    And now, the Pixcel
  2. Music kit name: BoomKitty Mix Cover Image: Background Image: Kit Description: A few songs from the american artist BoomKiitty compiled into one kit, songs such as 1077, Danque, Mantis Shrimp Showdown and more. Why do you want your music kit to be added to WarZone Gaming:BoomKitty is a fantastic artist in my opinion and utilizes bass drops very effectively to make very lively songs that would make great for a kit, thats why a BoomKitty Kit would be a nice addition to the variation of Kits on the server. Opinions and Criticism are accepted and expected. Additional Comments: boomkitty kit prev.mp4
  3. Waffle

    Game Night Games

    sure, i will get it once it goes on sale
  4. Waffle

    TTT 2 Ideas & Suggestions

    Maybe a sort of Panorama UI implementation to things like the tab in the bottom left giving you your role, the time remaining, ammo, health, Maybe also the tab menu...I don't know entirely, would be cool though
  5. Waffle

    Stiletto - Crucible

    hot and spicy to be honest though, it looks really cool, would love to see this get implemented.
  6. Waffle

    ZeRo Father

    I would, but I won't
  7. Waffle

    Music Kit - GG WP

    Music kit name: GG WP Cover Image: Background Image: Kit Description: A kit consisting enitrely of canonblade's "GG WP (bronze edition)", so if you're wondering why all pieces of the kit sound alike, that is why. Why do you want your music kit to be added to WarZone Gaming: Canonblade is an amazing artist in my opinion, making oother great songs like Debug, Never Give Up, Fly and more, and I feel like this one would make best for a kit. Additional Comments: ggwp kit prev.mp4
  8. Waffle

    Music Kit - F-777

    Music kit name: F-777 Cover Image: Background Image:(yes, i am re-using this from my sonic series kit, it fits better here) Kit Description: A few of F-777's songs turned into a music kit, to have a few of them listed: Cane Swinging Deadlocked Hydra Dark Angel I really like F-777's music, especially his older tracks from 2015 and before. They all just have a very unique feel to them, e.g. hydra has a very fast and energetic theme, while system split has a medium fast tech-themed kind of theme. Anyways, I hope you all feel the same about F-777's music and also want to see it in-game. my first kit messing around with fading, so don't be surprised if it doesnt sound very professional. Why do you want your music kit to be added to WarZone Gaming: As I said, I'm a huge F-777 fan and would love to see this kit get acceptedon the server. Additional Comments: f777 kit prev.mp4 nk kit prev.mp4 nk kit prev.mp4
  9. Music kit name: The Sonic Series Cover Image: Background Image: Kit Description: No, I'm not making a music kit featuring songs from sonic the hedgehog. Much rather from a series of levels in a game called "Geometry Dash". The game in general has a reputation for having amazing music (*cough* 100% from NG *cough*) so I decided to use some of it. The songs used in this kit are: Ludicrous Speed - F-777 Sonic Blaster - F-777 10.000 - ColBreakz Speedbreaker - Djjaner I'm using this as a sort of "practice kit" to get better with cutting the audio n such. Why do you want your music kit to be added to WarZone Gaming: I am a huge Geometry Dash nerd and I love the game. I also love the songs and how they were used in the Sonic Series. Also from what I saw none of these artists were ever featured on the server. Additional Comments: sonic series kit prev.mp4
  10. Waffle

    Talon | Hex (Collection)

    got a rainbow from the giveaway yesterday, suuper hyped to check it out
  11. So, the Hydra Operation has been going for a Little less than a week now and im enjoying it. However, one big issue that I'm having is that some of the quests are really difficult and tedious. As an example: Team Work requires 300 kills in a team on sh. Now, this might not sound that bad to a more skilled Player, but to me it is hell. I spent 4 Hours on sh and now I'm not even half way done. You might say: "well, if you Play in a Team ist not so bad innit"...well, it wouldnt be if there would be more than 3 People on at a time. Or the 1000 Negev kills. Or the so-and-so many scout kills. I know that the Operation runs for 2 months, but then it would make sense to have many missions, each of them more or less difficult but actually FUN. there is no fun in mindlessly grinding People in a solo Team on stronghold.
  12. Music kit name: The Best Of Rukkus Cover Image: Background Image: Kit Description: So, I've tried to get this accepted before, and the problem was a low resolution. I do believe that i have that fixed now. If you want to hear about the actual description, look for the original post: Why do you want your music kit to be added to WarZone Gaming: As i stated in the original thread I am a big Rukkus fan and would love to see his music in the shape of a music kit on the server. Additional Comments: music kit prev.mp4
  13. Waffle

    i am not new, but...

    just for the record im gonna put something in here. Hello. I am Waffle, or Waffle, sometimes even Waf and I am an active member of the Warzone community. I have been a member for about a year now and I'm enjoying it. The community is for the most part nice and also eager to help where it's needed. I am rather well-known in the community and have made a variety of friends around here. Now to the boring part (my story): I began playing on a very shit Asus laptop. I dont quite remember the specs but the one thing that I do remember is that it had 1GB ram. So I went ahead and played semi actively, but you can imagine the pain of 30fps on a good day...permanently. then however after half a year i finally acquired a good gaming PC and started playing more seriously. I also began to actually communicate with people on the servers and with that gained a pretty big boost in popularity. Over the months i finally got a half decent K/D up again (from a .5 to a .95) and... that is where I am today. There are still many things to do on the servers and I am really enjoying it. One of the things I've been looking into is music kit creation as there are tons and TONS of spectacular artists out there that would really deserve a music kit on this great server (e.g. F-777, Xtrullor, Hinkik and many more) and I am looking into making said kits although I barely have any experience with kit creation and have to get into it first. ...phew, that was a lot of unnecessary text to write. Hope you enjoyed it.
  14. i know, i already did all of that and i edited in a good part of the kit. the times should all be correct.

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