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    Welcome to WarZone. I hope to meet you some time on surf, on the rare occasion I play it
  2. Hello reader! My name is RoyalNoob. You may know me as one of the admins for WarZone and a constant player of SurfDM. This being said I would like to now introduce myself as the Surf Deathmatch maintainer. I will be taking charge of adding and removing maps and acquiring suggestions in this gamemode. Any feedback that you can think of is always welcome. So I have had a few ideas already and was looking for some feedback in these maps. Maps aimed to be added: SURF_105th Additional Images: SURF_CBBLE_DAY Additional Images: Maps aimed to be removed: SURF_GREATRIVER_2015_v1_1 Why remove this map? The reason for getting this map removed is 2 main complaints about it. The first complaint is the fact that we have 2 maps for greatriver. We really do not need a duplicate map. The second main issue with this specific map is that I have had multiple complaints already about this map being a fps heavy map, of course if you have high frames this will not be too much of an issue, so why is it an issue? This issue is due to the fact that people that play on computers that may not get high frames, will not be able to play this map and have the same level of enjoyment out of it. Also as we already have a greatriver map this shouldn't be too much of an issue as the other map in the map pool will hold constant frames without an issue and the problem resolves itself. Again, any feedback on this post is valued and appreciated and if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to PM me on discord where I am always active or as an alternative, post it here and I should respond! Thanks for reading and thank you for your time. RoyalNoob
  3. Images: Description: NICE GIFV Why do you want your graffiti or sticker to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I want these to appear in warzone as there aren't many stickers in the game which the community have created. Additional Comments: Nope
  4. Was fun to play test and it's a solid map Would be an awesome addition into the map pool.
  5. Images: Description: NICE GIFV Why do you want your graffiti or sticker to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I would love this to appear on WarZone as we haven't seen any graffiti in forever. And this is a very well known slogan by now Additional Comments: Nope
  6. Images/Videos: Skin Description: Another iteration of the hex collection, this time on a karambit. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I would like this skin to feature in warzone as the hex collection seems popular so I would love to see people who love karambits, start to use this. It also has a new way of design in which the skins should actually fit the gloves this time External images used: None
  7. Nice first skin and it was a pleasure helping out
  8. Images/Videos: Skin Description: A minimalistic knife which has multiple floats for any colour combination. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I would love this karambit to appear in WarZone as there aren't too many minimalistic skins around, if any for the karambit. External images used: None
  9. Images/Videos: Skin Description: A skin inspired by the talented artist Vincent Van Gogh. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I feel like there are not many classic art type skins in WarZone and this may make a nice inclusion into the collection. External images used:
  10. Looks awsome. Denfinetely need one of these in my inventory Nice job
  11. This skin could be a whole lot better if the points of the skin matched up. Going from a solid split like that on a picture simply doesn't work well. Try to match up the pictures and it could work a whole lot better in my opinion! :D
  12. Images: Skin Description: A talon knife with a steampunk design to it. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming: This is an entry for the Skin Creation Challenge #4 External images used: None
  13. I have to agree with callum and anonz to be honest. Unique but personally doesnt attract me. Other people definately like it though so thats good
  14. Looks awesome Need to get me one ... or maybe all of them
  15. Images/Videos: Ruby Sapphire Gamma Amber Amethyst Diamond Rainbow Skin Description: The well received hex collection on the new ursus knife! As usual it has the regular 7 floats : Ruby, Sapphire, Gamma, Amber, Amethyst, Diamond and Rainbow Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: There aren't many community knives for the ursus knife so I thought I would bring out the hex collection on the ursus knife. External images used: None
  16. Images/Videos: Skin Description: A glock skin based on the theme of halloween. Orange crackles flow throughout the dark depths of the clouded background. It wouldn't quite be halloween without bats now would it? Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: This is a submission for ZeRo's spontaneous skin competition for a halloween themed skin, this is my answer. Overall I think it incorporates the typical halloween colours (Black and orange) and some connotations with halloween to create a pretty nice glock skin. External images used: None
  17. Skin Description: An AK-47 skin that comes straight from the elegant chambers of the elite. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I want to see this on warzone as I do not see many purple skins around, and it's one of my favorite colours. I think it would make a nice addition to the warzone wardrobe of skins External images used: None
  18. I mean if we are talking op then whats the opinion on m4a4? You can easily outgun an autosniper with an m4
  19. Perhaps joining the discord would help. Many others such as myself enjoy to trade in the discord.
  20. I feel like you should try without an external image. I believe you could do something nice with brushes and not need to rely on someone else's image whilst still creating the same effect on the knife
  21. Thank you I hope you get them
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