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  1. Karambit | Fire vs. Ice (2 skins)

    At least there is someone with some faith in me Thank you. I don't think anyone realizes what the phrase "mixed ability" means. Sure you guys may be amazing at Photoshop but i am not. The fact is all my skins take me ages to do because i am not very good at doing this and i haven't been doing Photoshop for years. It is very disheartening that instead of leaving constructive feedback as requested, and try to help me grow, I just get hate for everything I do. But in conclusion thank you @Infernuso however i know these will not be accepted. But it won't get to me and i am going to carry on irrespective of all the hate i receive.
  2. Skin Description: The ultimate elements come together in congregation as the powerhouses they are to create this 2 piece collection. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: Personally, as a player, I would love trying to hunt these two down and add them to my collection. I am sure others would too. I have been wanting to get some skins into WarZone for a while and i believe i can make it with these, for the community to enjoy for days to come. Additional Comments Any constructive feedback would be appreciated as always Happy Playing Everyone 💜💜💜💜 Ice Karambit ↓↓↓↓ Fire Karambit ↓↓↓↓
  3. Bowie | Splatter

    Fineeeeeee :3
  4. Bowie | Splatter

    You need not mention me in this it was your idea. And your idea looks amazing. Well done 😊
  5. Gloves: Neon Contrast (feat. Alfred)

    Fits perfectly with the neon contrast SD's
  6. M9 Bayonet | Trip

    Yeah i agree it looks a bit strage when i was testing it was kinda hoping that it was small enough not to notice or people would actually like it. I was torn on whether to keep it or not and i just kept it.
  7. M9 Bayonet | Trip

    As in the little nobbly bit on the bottom?
  8. M9 Bayonet | Trip

    Skin Description: Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: Startle and amaze the enemies you slaughter with this M9 bayonet skin. I believe the skin deserves a spot in WarZone as it looks amazing and confuses your mind at the same time. Giving back to the community i love <3 via skin creation is a dream of mine and if it becomes a reality it would mean the world. Additional Comments Sorry if your eyes cant handle the brightness etc. It's supposed to be like that.
  9. Huntsman Knife | Scatter

    Thanks for your opinion, I really like it actually
  10. Huntsman Knife | Scatter

    Look again
  11. Huntsman Knife | Scatter

    How's that?
  12. Huntsman Knife | Scatter

    Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I would like my skin to appear in warzone because i love the server and i really want to give an amazing skin to the amazing people <3 on the server. In my opinion this skin looks amazing on the huntsman knife. Additional Comments: Any feedback on the knife would be very much apreciated
  13. Shadow Daggers Nexus

    And yet it still looks better than you 80s vhs stuff or whatever that is
  14. Shadow Daggers Nexus

    There is not a point, that is just a statement which is pretty obvious
  15. Shadow Daggers Nexus

    The butterfly cartoon is "a picture from google" but it has been crafted nicely into a knife