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  1. The Old Gold Collection (W/ Nice)

    Thank's for the criticism.
  2. Skin Names: Old Gold Weapons: Five Seven, Gut Knife, Butterfly Knife, Shadow Daggers, M9 Bayonet, Bayonet, Huntsman Knife, Karambit. Images: Five Seven- Gut Knife- Butterfly Knife- Shadow Daggers- M9 Bayonet- Bayonet- Huntsman- Karambit- Skin Descriptions: Five-Seven: The Five-Seven. Loaded with 20 Highly accurate and armory piercing rounds is a death-wish to whomever steps in front of it's barrel. Gut Knife: The Gut Knife. Not much to say, other than it's extremely sharp blade and elegant design gives it style points, and an extra for it's practicality in the midst of battle. Shadow Daggers: These two blades can be easily concealed, and unleashed whenever the time comes. These Shadow Daggers are outfitted with the Old Gold paint job. Huntsman: With it's sharp teeth on the back of the blade and sharp point, the Huntsman Knife is the solution to any encounter you come across. This Huntsman Knife is outfitted with the Old Gold paint job. Karambit: Mimicking the claw of a Tiger, the Karambit is a deadly blade to whoever may come in front of it's extremely sharp point. Butterfly Knife: With the perfect amount of Gold and Matte White, this butterfly knife will meet all of your 24 Karat needs. Bayonet: This classic Bayonet offers the perfect combination of Metallic Gold and Matte White. Anyone who wields this blade automatically gains respect by their fellow peers. M9 Bayonet: The M9 Bayonet is the classic blade mounted on the end of M4A1 Carbines. This particular one does not come with a firearm, but an Old Gold paint job. Why do you want to see your skins in WarZone Gaming? Whether you like these skins or not, the point of these skins is for people who favor simplicity, yet elegance at the same time. This collection could be a great addition to WarZone. These skins aren't the greatest of all time, but they are decent. Additional Comments: These skins were in collaboration with Nice. Nice: https://warzone.gg/forum/index.php?/profile/1720-nice/
  3. late introduction

    Hi! My name is Joshua Mendoza, but you can call me Josh. I am sorta new to this community, and this is the best community I have ever joined. I hope you can give me a good welcome to the community and give me pointers on how to gain money and such.
  4. Gamemode idea?

    With the casino, my money would be gone in like, two hours flat.
  5. Your Dream Car/s

    my dream car
  6. STE Feedback

    Have a little arena where players can fight using the Guns and Knives (Maybe even two separate for guns and knives), so players can get a feel for the weapons. That would be cool to add.
  7. AutoDJ Suggestions

    Matchbox Twenty - Unwell Shinedown - Second Chance The Script - For the First time Bob Segar - Night Moves Dean Fujioka - History maker Charlie Mars - How I Roll (Prince Fox Remix) Charlie Mars - How I Roll (TYR Remix)