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  1. Joshua

    late introduction

    Hi! My name is Joshua Mendoza, but you can call me Josh. I am sorta new to this community, and this is the best community I have ever joined. I hope you can give me a good welcome to the community and give me pointers on how to gain money and such.
  2. Joshua

    Gamemode idea?

    With the casino, my money would be gone in like, two hours flat.
  3. Joshua

    Your Dream Car/s

    my dream car
  4. Joshua

    STE Feedback

    Have a little arena where players can fight using the Guns and Knives (Maybe even two separate for guns and knives), so players can get a feel for the weapons. That would be cool to add.
  5. Joshua

    AutoDJ Suggestions

    Matchbox Twenty - Unwell Shinedown - Second Chance The Script - For the First time Bob Segar - Night Moves Dean Fujioka - History maker Charlie Mars - How I Roll (Prince Fox Remix) Charlie Mars - How I Roll (TYR Remix)

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