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  1. Ive had a great time here and ive had a great time on the Garrys mod servers but all good things come to an end. Im looking forward to the future of WarZone.
  2. look the reason I left was not because of my 1 day comp ban, I know because of my past you would think that but its not I mean just look at my old inventory any old ape could obviously figure out that a 1 day comp ban would be nothing to me I mean I had a fairly decent inventory i left because I felt I needed change that's all there is to say really I mean if u looked at the amount I played and the people you would clearly see its the same people everyday It just gets dull after a while , 2 years to be exact this will be the last time I post here ok goodbye.
  3. well I guess this is it, its kinda hard to imagine leaving warzone uh ive been with this community for 2 years now and this is the end of it all goodbye and good day to all of you
  4. Tobi ツ

    Chernobyl Movie Event

    im assuming that its in a dedicated server or will it be on the normal cinema server?
  5. will i be kicked due to ping if im in a dead zone
  6. wifi dead zones are where u set up wifi but the signal is so weak that no matter how strong the wifi brand is it preforms like shite
  7. ummm I'm moving to Missouri and a lot of it is just wifi dead zones will this be an issue??
  8. after the brand new update when I play the frames are horrible, gameplay is choppy and is almost unplayable fix??
  9. Tobi ツ

    can't see skins

    I can't see skins even though I downloaded the addons and tried the having issues
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