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  1. Goid luck, i stole and hid some beer in my room
  2. My parents dont know i drink and they were at neighbours in new years(still wre) dad came to home to bring my youmger brother who is like 9... He went to take a smoke with somw friends and my older brother came saying hldad left and i started drinking vodka cocktail(same as other adult friends)... Suxddenly out of nwhere dad comes out pf nowhere saying bye until the nrxt year and i quickly react and put down m drink... He doesnt look at me and continues tAlking... That moment ky heart beat faster than an dngine... This is my 2018... Send help i cant sleep/am really drunk
  3. Happy 2018!

    Thank you so much guys, I can bRely walk ptorelry since i drank so much vodka (like more than bottle amd im 16) and i cant sleep, parents arent home had a pretty rough gear and now exams ocmin up...
  4. Happy 2018!

    I wish you happy 2018 and sorry I'm drunk. Yes.
  5. Want Sapphire/Ruby Gloves. Will pay >30Mil

    Granny is moist, are you here to sell or just tease me
  6. Title says all. Contact me through forum PMs, Steam or here. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198092789636/
  7. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas (Merry Christmas(Merry Christmas(Merry Christmas)))
  8. Upcoming changes to the Community Market.

    @slayer cases will be exceptions.
  9. Christmas Game GIVEAWAY!

    What was so hard to understand...
  10. Christmas Game GIVEAWAY!

    If you answer the riddles do you get the codes asap or at the end like a surprise? What if multiple people answer the question correctly, does the first one get the code or all? And by PM did you mean forums or steam, discord?
  11. DarkRP update

  12. Gamemode Feedback

    Bring back the old arcadey surf DM weapon system... not sure what is the point to add more realism to a gamemode where you slide on ramps...
  13. (NEW) Social Media Giveaway #7

    Perhaps make like daily tasks that can only be done that day to increase points. It would make players compete more and be more active. Not sure what the tasks could be tho... maybe some quizes with a timer for example: What is the gloves | fade quicksell price a)b)c).. and 10secs to guess it or anything else since that system would take some time to do and I have little to none creativity...
  14. (NEW) Social Media Giveaway #7

    This new system doesn't really work tbh... I assume everyone that entered wasn't too lazy and did all the simple tasks to get all the points possible so it basically equals out to still having the same chances to win...
  15. Social Media Giveaway #5

    Volvo pls: http://steamcommunity.com/id/HolyHamLT/ IGN: Holy Ham I wish everyone the best of luSEND NUDES!