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  1. Holy Ham

    Social Media Giveaway #26

    IGN: Holy Ham SteamID: STEAM_1:0:66261954 Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198092789636 Dead man walking by
  2. Holy Ham

    Social Media Giveaway #18

    IGN - Holy Ham ID - STEAM_0:0:66261954 Link - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198092789636
  3. Holy Ham

    Huntsman Knife | Scatter

    Overdone well worn fade
  4. Holy Ham

    Zombie Survival is here!

    Oh, so you cannot modify it?
  5. Holy Ham

    Zombie Survival is here!

    Seems just too hard atm to make the game last 6 waves, mainly due to newbie players and kinda bad balancing with the shop... I havent even seen the game go up to 4th wave...
  6. Holy Ham

    Hide & Seek suggestions

    @EmbersOfTheFlame Yeah, kinda. I remember I used to play on some servers where on one of them I got like 300h+ because it was quite different from anything else.. the server had rules where players were allowed to propsurf/exploit the map which made it really fun... trying to look for each exploit in each map was very enjoyable. Especially when you found one and try to do it like a maniac while a seeker runs towards you
  7. Holy Ham

    Hide & Seek suggestions

    Well as it is for the moment the fall height doesn't matter since players only take ~10% HP damage per fall. The 1-way areas of maps could have a fix by a command like !spawn or something teleporting the hider or seeker back to spawn allowing the seeker to tag the hider in the area and still come back after. Hiders could have a chance to try again teleporting back to spawn, but they will be in an open area so they will have to find another hiding spot. Also it is important for the hiders to get a !spawn command cooldown in order to not be abused while not for seekers in order to catch the hiders as fast as they can without waiting in 1-way areas...
  8. Holy Ham

    Hide & Seek suggestions

    What I've experienced is that some maps have spots where you need to jump around, avoid falling to get to and falling gets you damaged and falling too much will kill you making you choose a safer path. Falling already does decrease the stamina and in chases I think it is to kinda stop running away without being careful and for seekers to aid in tagging. Oh and seekers shouldn't take fall damage since to tag one hider seeker can possibly lose as much health points as the hider or even die in the proccess, but there isn't only one hider.
  9. So I've played the new gamemode and I want to express my opinion about it where some of you might agree about parts of it. Firstly, I do think the fall damage is a good idea, but the safe fall height should be slightly increased and some maps have problem where people can fall off the map, especially for seekers because they will get stuck and won't be able to tag hiders. Secondly, (this is more of mixed ideas) allowing collision between players so that hiders could cooperate and reach spots that hider alone couldn't, but because of that I think the seekers should also tag players and get them added to the seeker team instead of moving them to spectate mode to allow the seekers to cooperate too ( some think this may be abused that seekers can't reach the hiders, but I don't think so. If a player jumps on another one to get to a spot means that one player must be left behind which means seekers have to tag him first and do the same boost). If this idea doesn't work I can give an alternative to use props to get to areas, except to disable collisions of them when grabbed so players wouldn't propsurf. Lastly, I've seen people bhop and I think it should be disabled since there is a reason why sprinting and stamina exists and it can bypass that. Also it isn't what the gamemode is about ( in fact gamemode should be called tag, not hide and seek ). All in all I'd say I'd like the hide and seek gamemode be changed into a game where cooperation can be used to get more ways to enjoy maps and increase chances of winning while keeping it fun for the seekers too.
  10. Holy Ham

    Introducing Hide And Seek!

    But can you propsurf?
  11. Goid luck, i stole and hid some beer in my room
  12. My parents dont know i drink and they were at neighbours in new years(still wre) dad came to home to bring my youmger brother who is like 9... He went to take a smoke with somw friends and my older brother came saying hldad left and i started drinking vodka cocktail(same as other adult friends)... Suxddenly out of nwhere dad comes out pf nowhere saying bye until the nrxt year and i quickly react and put down m drink... He doesnt look at me and continues tAlking... That moment ky heart beat faster than an dngine... This is my 2018... Send help i cant sleep/am really drunk
  13. Holy Ham

    Happy 2018!

    Thank you so much guys, I can bRely walk ptorelry since i drank so much vodka (like more than bottle amd im 16) and i cant sleep, parents arent home had a pretty rough gear and now exams ocmin up...
  14. I wish you happy 2018 and sorry I'm drunk. Yes.
  15. Holy Ham

    Want Sapphire/Ruby Gloves. Will pay >30Mil

    Granny is moist, are you here to sell or just tease me

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