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  1. Actually I don't copy and paste on any of my knifes,my knifes don't contain any third party images you could argue the Glock and usp I made was but that was basically a hit at the emoji gun, I think I'm helpful when I give my opinion but yet my opinion is not liked by all people but I would love to see you find anything on my knifes that is third party and has been copy and pasted so im not being hypocritical
  2. Sorry for sharing my opinion,please give me the pleasure and tell me what part I broke the rules and didn’t share my opinion.
  3. Who said it wasnt serious? if it wasnt Im not the guy playing isis songs on the radio the radio is a serious place I could of made a emoji gun if I wasnt serious oh sorry that exists. The shit posting section is designed for shit posting, The skin Submission section is here: https://warzone.gg/forum/index.php?/forum/46-skin-submissions/ No It wasnt a very funny joke,but I guess the ISIS joke was "a laugh lmao". Would you do the fantastic pleasure and move this back?
  4. Cant really tell if you're saying nice skin or calling it bad. Either way, this wasn't a copy and paste like most skins that get submitted. I’m going have to agree with pimp he has a point it is copy and paste
  5. Skin Name: Glock 18 Lit Fam,Usp-S Weeb Trash Weapon/Glove: Glock 18,Usp-S Images: Skin Description:It is obliviously the most creative skins ever and is pretty RaD Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?:I want my skin to appear becasue I think warzone needs TRASH in it well Im not trying to say there isnt trash already not to name some guns but the glock has "good" skins External images used:Well Emojis arent copyright so and also I may of lost my emoji files so have a cat Additional Comments:If you actually want the external images I will send them to you
  6. I have been waiting for this I believe you have shown me a earlier version of this,I am against images over guns but this has been executed very well and everything is seamless, I would like to see the black areas used but all round I really like this skin and I would buy this ingame :-]
  7. Not a fan, I prefer the emoji movie to get my dose of emojis.
  8. Type: Graffiti Name: VHS Graffiti: Multi-Color or Monochrome (It could be both) Images: Description: This is a Extension of my knifes,This is the 80's Collection What to bring back the 80's? Here you go this is the collection for you, This is not for everyone but want to rewind your life on a VHS? Here you go the 80's are back . Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I want to get my skins out there, I've been wanting to make and see and 80's retro theme skin for sometime now but I have made the Graffiti to go with my collection (Which I really cant call a "collection" because my knifes and new gloves haven't been accepted) External images used: Nothing External has been used except the font which is "VCR OSD Mono" Additional Comments: I cant get the drip "perfect" so I will improve it if needed
  9. Excuse me I left good feedback dont use images
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