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  1. Post your Console Crusher

    Im a bit late With my Toaster
  2. Skin Creation Challenge

    Notify me
  3. Karambit | Fire vs. Ice (2 skins)

    Excuse me I left good feedback dont use images
  4. Karambit | Fire vs. Ice (2 skins)

    Oh sure do that, the first ones don't look good you might have a chance of getting something good but the problem is it's a a stretched image either way you get 20 minutes of work that turns out to be said image stretched over the knife
  5. Karambit | Fire vs. Ice (2 skins)

    Like I say, Images over knifes 9 times out of 10 look bad and this probably took 10 minutes to do all of it including put this into the game. I am not going for a "hunt" for this and This would ruin my collection if I get one I am quick selling Edit: Dont use one of the first images on google
  6. Bowie | Splatter

    I don't like the concept and I dont like the fact its a png Image pasted on the knife. So I would rate it a 3/10
  7. 10/10 This is a nice addition to the cartoon collection.
  8. VHS Collection Full

    Ok will do, if you could, could you list the knifes and I will adjust them
  9. VHS Collection Full

    Skin Name: VHS Collection Weapon/Glove: All the Knifes and Tactical Gloves Images: Bayo: Bowie: Falchion: Flip Knife: Gut Knife: Huntsman: Karambit: M9 Bayo: Shadow Daggers: Gloves (Improved) Skin Description:This is the 80's Collection What to bring back the 80's? Here you go this is the collection for you, This is not for everyone but want to rewind your life on a VHS? Here you go the 80's are back . Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?:I want to get my skins out there, I've been wanting to make and see and 80's retro theme skin for sometime now but I have made all the knifes: Additional Comments: The Reflections are messed up on some knifes.
  10. Shadow Daggers Nexus

    So Im releasing a new called Nexus of triangles want to rate it? it took me a whole 3 minutes to find the image and a whole 5 minutes to put it in the game.
  11. Shadow Daggers Nexus

    Ha I put effort in it unlike you with this shitty random image off google
  12. Shadow Daggers Nexus

    That is my point there is no skill in it
  13. Shadow Daggers Nexus

    My point is it's just a image off google dragged on the skin and from what I'm seeing you just dragged it on the layer with no template
  14. Shadow Daggers Nexus

  15. Shadow Daggers Nexus

    Well its just a image off google