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  1. Handwraps | Hyperbeast (feat. Thonk)

    I would say that the pattern you choose doesnt really fit. I know its handwraps, but in my opinion, it doesnt really fit that well
  2. Skin Name: Rainbow Doppler Weapon/Glove: Driver Gloves Images: Skin Description: The gloves were made to look like a rainbow doppler, but a hint of marble in there aswell. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: Someone pointed it out to me that there wasn't any rainbow gloves, So I thought I could try to make one Additional comments: I know it might seem lazy to see the lines, but I thought it looked more realistic that it has "stitching"
  3. The Quotes Topic

  4. The Quotes Topic

    "im getting too exited, Now their both here. its going to go through the roof like a skyscraper" - @Callum (Blazingstardude)
  5. The Quotes Topic

    "You know me saying earlier not having a boner?" - @Callum (Blazingstardude)
  6. The Quotes Topic

    "Im a trap" - @Not Alfred
  7. The Quotes Topic

    "I guess im emo now" @puk413 "Dont spit on me when we have sex later Vlod" @puk413
  8. Nebular/Astronomy Based Knife Collection

    Im not trying to be mean here, but There is a couple of things I want to point out that doesnt look right / can be fixed to make it look better In the spoiler You can see the middle of the knife, It is a thing I did when I started making knifes, It just looks sloppy This is just a tip, You could add in the same material as you have on the blade on that small plate On the bayonet, I did find that one a little weird, since you suddenly have it almost pitch black on the mounting part of the knife Like I said, I am not trying to be negative, just giving feedback
  9. PUBG Wins!

    Happychineseman had around 11 kills, Megasubbie had around 2 and Pompel had about 1 or 2
  10. The Quotes Topic

    @Screamoheart : "I would reccomend that, pigs are usally heavy" @Zumba : "I know, I tried to lift @RadioKappa"
  11. Stronghold V1 vs Stronghold V2

    We did test the map from Stronghold V2 on the Stronghold V1, but we did loose player count on Stronghold V1 for doing that. People seem to like the smaller map since usally, we dont usally have 30 people on Stronghold playing at the same time.
  12. DarkRP update

    Finally the new update is coming, long wait I know. But it has been alot of bugs doing these new addons. I want to thank Riimyr for all the help he did with the economy and bug testing when it wasnt in a presentable state. The new update will include new jobs such as moonshine, M9K, cocain etc If you find any bugs, either report them on the forum or message me on the forum, and I will try my best and fix them as fast as I can
  13. PUBG Wins!

  14. The Quotes Topic

    " @MrTwD would die if he was in Asia, He would be mass producing lolis" @Not Alfred
  15. The Quotes Topic

    "is mine bigger yet" @MrTwD