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  1. Stronghold V1 vs Stronghold V2

    We did test the map from Stronghold V2 on the Stronghold V1, but we did loose player count on Stronghold V1 for doing that. People seem to like the smaller map since usally, we dont usally have 30 people on Stronghold playing at the same time.
  2. DarkRP update

    Finally the new update is coming, long wait I know. But it has been alot of bugs doing these new addons. I want to thank Riimyr for all the help he did with the economy and bug testing when it wasnt in a presentable state. The new update will include new jobs such as moonshine, M9K, cocain etc If you find any bugs, either report them on the forum or message me on the forum, and I will try my best and fix them as fast as I can
  3. PUBG Wins!

  4. The Quotes Topic

    " @MrTwD would die if he was in Asia, He would be mass producing lolis" @Not Alfred
  5. The Quotes Topic

    "is mine bigger yet" @MrTwD
  6. The Quotes Topic

  7. The Quotes Topic

    "I want fractured butthole" @Muffin @Blazingstardude @MrTwD
  8. The Quotes Topic

    "well thinking of it, I got a hardon by thinking of a strapon up my ass" @Blazingstardude
  9. The Quotes Topic

  10. The Quotes Topic

  11. With or without mayonnaise

    Do you eat fries with or without mayonnaise
  12. The Quotes Topic

  13. The Quotes Topic

    "You want to take the time when you cook chicken, you dont want to get simonella" - @Paradox
  14. How Did You Find Warzone?

    I was playing on some DarkRP server, had junior admin, Got demoted with the co owner. Was on csgo surf with the ex co owner after we got demoted, found Overwatch gaming, been here every since
  15. The Quotes Topic