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  1. Karambit: Squares

    Smart Idea @FaZe Taylor Swift +1
  2. Hello there.

    Hello Nice to meet you josh I'm Aidan Otherwise known as Avvie
  3. Complete Warn/ Ban System Overhaul

    The procedures the staff follows were made by @ZeRo So we dont need a new procedures list
  4. My parents count the beers bc I have done that before
  5. Hmm Hopefully they will be out of town that night then
  6. The wolf gloves and the Knife will be perfect if this gets accepted Looks Amazing Keep up the good job and I wish my photoshop let me make these
  7. wait can I drink juice and get the coin xD Edit: Not joking since I'm under the legal drinking age
  8. Shadow Daggers | Archenemy

    Amazing job on those
  9. Mac-10 Fire Fusillade

    Oooo looks pretty <3
  10. Bowie | Connor

  11. CZ-75 - Uranium Infusion

    Looks amazing callum Keep it up with all the great skins
  12. Bowie | Luna

    Soooo Pretty <3
  13. :thnucklering: Thonk 4 Life

    1. Knuckles
    2. Avvie


      We need a forsenE emoji on the site as well 

  14. The Zero Show!

    ZeRo played country so I tuned out halfway through tbh
  15. Any New Years Resolutions?

    To not say new year new me Shit I already failed my new years resolution