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  1. Zumba

    Social Media Giveaway #15

    SteamID : STEAM_1:1:63426658 Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/OMGiTSZUMBA Name : Zumba
  2. Zumba

    Top plays video idea

    Completely true. But people will have a decent amount of days to maybe even hunt for clips.
  3. Zumba

    Top plays video idea

    Hey guys, I've been debating on doing a new kind of Video idea related to WarZone and i would love you guys to help me out. Its going to be a video regarding all the servers: TTT, Surf DM, Stronghold etc I would love you guys to submit videos of yourselves or maybe someone in your lobby (That you were spectating) that made either a really nice play or an insane shot or maybe even something that people would enjoy to watch etc. Its going to be a top (maybe 5-10) Plays of the week/month depending on the submissions. Prizes Also it wouldn't be me without giving something away, so the winner of the best clip might win some nice prizes which will be given after the video airs. Also if people want to donate prizes to this concept please message me privately. Submitting Please submit your video like this: Name of the player that made the play: Steam ID: Video: (If you don't have the video uploaded contact me): Good luck to you all C;
  4. Zumba

    (NEW) Social Media Giveaway #12

    Steam name : Zumba Steam id : STEAM_0:1:63426658 fun moment: sadly im not funny enough Nominee: @Papa Gornot Reason: Just one of the best people i have met in this community, and hes my dad.
  5. Zumba

    When life gives you lemons

    Wait to you?
  6. Zumba

    Post your desktop

    I had to censor the background but here you go
  7. Zumba

    Summer Meetup 2018 - Date Voting

    Somewhere in august should be fine for me, ill just take a while off work. If its in the end of august it might be a pain because of school starting again. *EDIT* Anything from July till 20th of august should be fine
  8. Zumba

    Massive Social Media Giveaway #9

    Steam : STEAM_0:1:63426658 IGN : Zumba Steam link : http://steamcommunity.com/id/OMGiTSZUMBA/
  9. Zumba

    How Did You Find Warzone?

    Wanted something to waste my life on, other than alcohol.
  10. Zumba

    Gungame Spawnkilling

    1v1? c; Looking forward to seeing the affect of this.
  11. Zumba

    Gungame Spawnkilling

    No you're able to kill the enemy as soon as your spawn protection ends otherwise you wont do damage.
  12. When playing Gungame there are a lot of maps with close spawns, this usually results in spawnkilling and people leaving. *EDIT* This usually occurs when the teams are uneven There might be some ways to fix this but this brings some issues with it aswell. These are some options i came up with People who have spawn protection can kill people while protected: Like i said the maps are small and if you are fast enough you can get free kills while protected. Maybe add a rule that eliminates spawnkilling?: This will be a hard one because when do you actually classify something as spawnkilling? and it requires an admin to be online quite often. Maybe any other suggestions on how to fix this? Would be really appreciated

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