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  1. Good luck to everyone who's entered, can't wait to see who comes out on top!
  2. It's been an honour to contribute to the community as much as I have. I would hope to see them return, but I completely understand if not. So long, GMod, and thanks for all the skins. If you do plan on that TF2 server, I'm always available to help.
  3. Chaotix

    Game Nights

    TF2 custom gamemodes? (e.g VS Saxton Hale, Dodgeball, etc) (...please?) Left 4 Dead 2 with players as the infected might be fun as well.
  4. Better logs. Sometimes the logs don't really show the whole story and it would be nice if there was something such as shooting in close proximity, if possible. Deputy would be a nice feature since I know a lot of detectives like to promote one (and laugh as he finds out it's a traitor). Different weapons would be nice to have as well. Maybe make the weapon spawns completely random as opposed to generated? I'd love to mess around with the Negev, the R8, the TEC-9, the P250, etc, etc. I think it'd be a lot of fun. Maybe both random spawns and a buy menu would be nice to have, with kill rewards for killing traitors or surviving for a period of time, and you lose money if you kill an innocent? Fun rounds could make a comeback, maybe once every 5 or 10 rounds (with the current 100 round setup on Minecraft TTT). I agree with Terrorspy, Detectives don't really have a lot to use. They have a couple of new guns, a way to heal themselves (or others) and a radar. That's about it. Perhaps some more VIP weapons for the Detectives? I think Traitor currently has enough in my opinion. I'd also remove the medkit as there's not exactly much use for it when there's a health station. Flashbangs could be interesting utilities for traitors to use. Extra roles would be nice to have, but I understand if you feel it may be too confusing for new players.
  5. Pretty good skin tbh no bias For real though, this is a damn nice skin and I hope to see it in-game.
  6. Images: Skin Description: A relic of an alternative timeline's past, this modified Desert Eagle was created to commemorate those who experiemented with technology far longer than we have. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming: This is an entry to the Skin Creation Challenge #4: https://warzone.gg/forum/index.php?/topic/3042-skin-creation-challenge-4/&tab=comments#comment-9662 External images used:
  7. Music kit name: Instinct Cover Image: Background Image: Kit Description: A collection of songs from Monstercat Instinct, the label's chill-focused songs. Why do you want your music kit to be added to WarZone Gaming: This will be the last Monstercat music kit along with Uncaged. I've decided to finish the legacy with two more kits, celebrating the channels split. With Monstercat Instinct Vol. 2 around the corner, I see no real reason why not to show this off now. Additional Comments: Preview: NOTE: I have not shown off the main menu themes in the video as they are full songs that are easy to find with a quick YouTube search. Tracklist ALL VARIANTS Team Selection | Direct - Too Far Away Deathcam | Direct, Mr Fijiwiji and Holly Drummond - Trust In Me Start Round/Start Round Action | ZeroHero - Twilight 10 Second Countdown | FWLR & David Spekter - Anyway Bomb Planted/Bomb 10 Second Countdown | Laszlo - Better [This track was not released when I finished my Laszlo music kit.] VARIANT 1 Main Menu | Ephixa - Dreamstate Won Round | Aiobahn & Vin - If We Never MVP | Grant Bowtie - High Tide Lost Round | Conro - I Wanna Know VARIANT 2 Main Menu | Justin OH - U&ME Won Round | Rich Edwards - Where I'll Be Waiting (feat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff) MVP | SLUMBERJACK & Machine Age - Daggers Lost Round | Conro - Me VARIANT 3 Main Menu | Bad Computer - Voyage (feat. Savoi) Won Round | Rootkit - Taking Me Higher MVP | Volant - Minty Lost Round | Memtrix - Blind In Light Note that some of these songs are not on the Instinct YouTube channel, but would more than likely fit if they were released now.
  8. Music kit name: Uncaged Cover Image: Background Image: Kit Description: A collection of songs from Monstercat Uncaged, the label's hardcore-focused songs. Why do you want your music kit to be added to WarZone Gaming: I certainly can't escape my past, can I? My music kits have been rather popular (especially Contemplate) but none of them I was truly happy with. I aim to change that with my Uncaged kit, as well as one more Monstercat/EDM kit along the way. After that though, I think I'll be finished with them, only opting for game/film soundtracks and artist-specific songs. Preview: Tracklist: Main Menu: Holly & Loosid - Fire Flower Team Selection: Tokyo Machine - FLY Deathcam: Bossfight - Sovereign Start Round/Start Round Action: Stonebank - What Are You Waiting For Won Round: FWLR - How We Win MVP: Pixel Terror - Contra (feat. Sara Skinner) Lost Round: Unlike Pluto - Everything Black (feat. Mike Taylor) 10 Second Countdown: Infected Mushroom - Spitfire Bomb Planted/Bomb 10 Second Countdown: Pixel Terror - Machina
  9. So, I've been enjoying the new Zombie Survival gamemode quite a lot, but there are a few issues. 1 | You get waaaayy too much money. Like, M4A4 on wave two levels of money. And when you have the negev or even a rifle like the M4A4, zombies are almost completely dead until after the first boss wave. 2 | Ammo is shared between guns? I noticed this before when my Negev ran out of ammo and selected my desert eagle, but there was no ammo there either. 3 | Speaking of ammo, in the later waves, it starts to run down fairly quickly. Maybe add some kind of way to collect ammunition? (e.g killing zombies or purchasing it). 4 | Even in solo, it can get really easy with the right weapons. Here's what I think could be done to solve these. 1 | Make money more scarce. This is zombie survival, after all. Instead of maybe $300 per kill, about $20? $40? Make money actually something you **need**, and not something you throw away spamming negev buys for more ammo. 2 | Don't make ammo shared between guns. Should be obvious. 3 | Make ammo purchasable, maybe by buying the weapon again. Better yet, have it like actual COD Zombies; with weapons on the wall that you can get with enough money (for example, the Scout and a Nova in the first room, and more useful weapons as you explore more of the map). 4 | Nerf or remove the Negev (FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE); the weapon is way too viable to even be considered an uncommon weapon; almost 90% of players I've ran into would pick up a Negev without a second thought and start decimating the zombies. I'd also suggest nerfing the main rifle's headshot damage a little bit (ak, m4a4, m4a1-s, etc). 5 | I'd honestly prefer it if it stays in WZNet for the forseeable future and not just limited to Halloween; the gamemode is a lot of fun and I think with these few tweaks it might be the best gamemode on here. If you have any of your own thoughts, feel free to post them here.
  10. New music kit after 3000 years woooooooo


  11. Music kit Name: Airglow Cover Image: Background Image: Kit Description: A collection of songs by Monstercat artist Laszlo. Why do you want your music kit to be added to WarZone Gaming: I completely forgot how much I enjoyed Laszlo's music until Gravity came out, and same with You'll Be Fine. I made a music kit made completely of his songs (and made sure that no songs were in other kits). Additional Comments: Preview: Tracklist Main Menu | Laszlo - Law Of The Jungle Team Selection | Laszlo - Messiah Deathcam | Laszlo - A King's Life Start Round/Start Round Action | Laszlo - Our Arrival Won Round | Laszlo - Gravity MVP | Laszlo - Airglow Lost Round | Laszlo - You'll Be Fine 10 Second Countdown | Laszlo - Supernova Bomb Planted/Bomb 10 Second Countdown | Laszlo - Destination
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