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  1. Seeing as everyone else is doing these, I may as well. Hi, I'm Chaotix. I'm the Gungame maintainer on WarZone since a couple weeks ago. I'd love for you all to post some suggestions and/or fixes of the game mode here. These can include map suggestions/removals, weapon balances or certain quality of life changes. Whatever it may be, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it and if it's good enough, it may get implemented. Feel free to suggest things down below!
  2. Chaotix

    Music Kit | Zaibatsu

    Name: Zaibatsu Cover: Background: Kit Description: A kit based on the popular fighting game Tekken 7. "The best fights are personal." Why do you want your kit added to WarZone Gaming: I've teased this kit for a while (last month, actually) and I've finally had the chance to finish it off. I aboslutely love Tekken 7 and it's soundtrack so I hope this can be added. Additional Comments: Here's a preview.
  3. Chaotix

    The Quotes Topic

  4. Chaotix

    M4A4 | F Minor Factory

    Name: F Minor Factory Images: Skin Description: A skin directly inspired by Muzzy's F Minor Factory EP. Why you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming: I'm a huge fan of Muzzy's EPs, with F Minor Factory being my personal favourite. I'd figure I'd make a skin based on it. External images used:
  5. Chaotix

    The Quotes Topic

    "Why wouldn't you masturbate on a game night? I do that all the time." @Callum (Blazingstardude)
  6. Chaotix

    [Gungame] Remove gg_nevada

    I've took a look at the map; my main gripe is the missing textures as the missing textured water can hide players and can make it not fun at all. The map has been removed now. Cheers for the suggestion.
  7. Music kit name: The World Ends With You Cover Image: Background Image: Kit Description: "Play the cursed music kit. You have until removal from the servers. Fail, and face erasure. -The Reapers" Why do you want your music kit to be added to WarZone Gaming: The World Ends With You is one of my favourite DS games ever and it's soundtrack is a part of that. I'd love for this music kit to be added. Additional Comments: Preview
  8. Chaotix

    Desert Eagle | Silence

    Yeah, it's my in-game settings. Garry's Mod doesn't play nice with Shadowplay so I've had to lower some settings.
  9. Chaotix

    Desert Eagle | Silence

    Name: Silence Weapon: Desert Eagle Images: Skin Description: It has been painted with the design of Koven - Silence's cover art. Why do you want your skin on WarZone Gaming?: I'm a huge fan of Koven - Silence and I'd figured I'd make a skin based on it since it looks to be simplistic enough to fit on a weapon skin. External Images Used:
  10. Name: Authority Weapon: MP5SD Images: Why do you want your skin on WarZone Gaming?: I've created this skin as not just an Anniversary skin, but also a skin for the recently announced Content Creator Competition. I hope I've done well. External Images used:
  11. Chaotix

    The Quotes Topic

  12. Chaotix

    Summer 2018 - Content Creation Competition

    Ooh, I'll be joining this for sure. Good luck to anyone else who's participating!
  13. Chaotix

    R8 Revolver | Familiarity

    Name: Familiarity Weapon: R8 Revolver Images/Videos: Skin Description: A skin completely based around WarZone's logo, used on the site and in-game. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I made this skin as there are a lack of decent R8 skins and I figured I may as well make a skin for the Anniversary coming up soon. External images used: :^)
  14. Evidence was extremely obvious of aimlocking, you've been reported plenty of times for cheating by prolific members of the community who could probably tell the difference between a legit and a cheating player, banned multiple times for cheating, unbanned muiltiple times and still decided to cheat despite being caught twice. The fact that you still claim you haven't been cheating makes me
  15. Chaotix

    Stiletto | Shard Collection

    Changelogs - Redid the Lolipop Shard: Now satisfied with it to call it a full Rainbow shard! - Redid the Fade Shard; wasn't too satisfied with the previous one so I redid that.

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