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  1. Chaotix

    Desert Eagle | Silence

    Yeah, it's my in-game settings. Garry's Mod doesn't play nice with Shadowplay so I've had to lower some settings.
  2. Chaotix

    Desert Eagle | Silence

    Name: Silence Weapon: Desert Eagle Images: Skin Description: It has been painted with the design of Koven - Silence's cover art. Why do you want your skin on WarZone Gaming?: I'm a huge fan of Koven - Silence and I'd figured I'd make a skin based on it since it looks to be simplistic enough to fit on a weapon skin. External Images Used:
  3. Name: Authority Weapon: MP5SD Images: Why do you want your skin on WarZone Gaming?: I've created this skin as not just an Anniversary skin, but also a skin for the recently announced Content Creator Competition. I hope I've done well. External Images used:
  4. Chaotix

    The Quotes Topic

  5. Chaotix

    Summer 2018 - Content Creation Competition

    Ooh, I'll be joining this for sure. Good luck to anyone else who's participating!
  6. Chaotix

    R8 Revolver | Familiarity

    Name: Familiarity Weapon: R8 Revolver Images/Videos: Skin Description: A skin completely based around WarZone's logo, used on the site and in-game. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I made this skin as there are a lack of decent R8 skins and I figured I may as well make a skin for the Anniversary coming up soon. External images used: :^)
  7. Evidence was extremely obvious of aimlocking, you've been reported plenty of times for cheating by prolific members of the community who could probably tell the difference between a legit and a cheating player, banned multiple times for cheating, unbanned muiltiple times and still decided to cheat despite being caught twice. The fact that you still claim you haven't been cheating makes me
  8. Chaotix

    Stiletto | Shard Collection

    Changelogs - Redid the Lolipop Shard: Now satisfied with it to call it a full Rainbow shard! - Redid the Fade Shard; wasn't too satisfied with the previous one so I redid that.
  9. Hello again. Stiletto | Emerald Shard Stiletto | Amethyst Shard Stiletto | Spinel Shard Stiletto | Sky Shard Stiletto | Rainbow Shard Stiletto | Autumn Shard Stiletto | Fade Shard Stiletto | Slaughter Shard Why I want these knives to appear in WarZone Gaming: I made these as I really liked the look of the Stiletto knife, and would absolutely love to see these in-game.
  10. Chaotix


    Because Shitscord seems to go down at least 5 times a month, post some issues with it here, preferably screenshots. "nice servers"
  11. Chaotix

    The Quotes Topic

  12. new profile banner, i guess


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