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  1. Chaotix

    The Quotes Topic

  2. Chaotix

    Music kit submission

  3. Music Kit Name: Killing Harmony Cover Image: Background: Kit Description: A music kit based on the visual novel murder mystery game, Danganrona V3: Killing Harmony. Why do you want your music kit added to WarZone Gaming?: I recently got myself back into the series and I absolutely love the third (main series) game's soundtrack, so I decided to make a music kit based of it. Additional Comments: Here's a preview, like last time!
  4. Music Kit Name: Hands Down Cover Image: Background: Kit Description: The last in the Neon Rainbow trilogy, with more cheerful, happy and chill vibes rather than intense dubstep everywhere. Why do you want your music kit added to WarZone Gaming?: After creating Contemplate, I felt obligated to create one more Monstercat music kit to complete a trilogy of sorts. This is by far the quickest music kit I've made whilst still retaining higher quality. Additional Comments: A preview! Because of Workbench being added, I can finally make proper previews of my music kits!
  5. Chaotix

    The Quotes Topic

  6. Chaotix

    The Quotes Topic

  7. I'm a big boy now.

    1. Kitty Cat

      Kitty Cat

      happy birthday

  8. Chaotix

    Air Bender Unban Appeal

    Please submit a ban appeal at https://warzone.gg/banappeals.
  9. Chaotix

    Community Challenge #2

    Notify me oh jeez here we go
  10. Chaotix

    MP5 - Propaganda

    It looks rather nice, though a lot of it does look unfinished.
  11. Chaotix

    Competition Winners!

    Congrats to everyone who participated! I'm glad all my music kits got in and especially glad I got first place! Once again, congratulations!
  12. Chaotix

    The Quotes Topic

  13. Chaotix

    The Quotes Topic

  14. Chaotix

    The Quotes Topic

  15. help please kirby is eating my hat i never asked for this send help please


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