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  1. Hey there i have already met you and played before!! Enjoy your stay
  2. :thonk: we have many games with awps like GunGame and StrongHold
  3. Hey, i'm on minecraft TTT a lot so you may see me nya~ Also welcome to the community!! nya~
  4. But the map we use is the OG, its like the best :')
  5. Congrats to everyone that made it in, i can't wait to see these.
  6. Name: Cute Gwiffin (names changes all the time cause memes and to annoy people ) Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:47582696 I'm high right now please help me
  7. CuteGriffin


    Thanks a lot ZeRo!
  8. CuteGriffin


    Alright this is not a complaint but something about bhop, i love bhop and i think it could do with some fixing because it seems like its a bit left out :') First of all fixing this lag, i'm not sure what its caused by, but i'm sure its to do with the amount of scripts the server uses so its probably my problem. Even though i have a decent PC (The lag begins after being on the same map for about 10-15 mins). Also there has been a few problems of people joining and "rtving" and then leaving just to get a case, he was a gold VIP so i will look into who that is! But if there is a way of stopping people from doing this it would be great. When you switch style and you fail it resets it constantly and is very frustrating after failing a couple times :') When people join sometimes they don't know about !options . If you go into f1 you can see to view more options, i guess you could put in an automated message so people realise that's what they have to do, or click f1 for more settings so new players know about it. I have to keep showing them how to do it and i'm fine with it but it would help a lot to have that! Also with the challenge player it comes up with "this players doesn't have enough surf xp" so if that's a bug or something. That's it i'm sure, sorry about moaning about the little things this server is amazing, and i understand how much scripting goes through it so if these could be fixed i would greatly be appreciated
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