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  1. Welcome back person I have never met!
  2. Mid

    Help Me

    I've already played Unkilled, and it's terrible. But I'll check out Infinity Loop. Thanks for the suggestions!
  3. Mid

    Help Me

    I can't find any more fun mobile games to pass time when I am not at home, and now I am taking to WarZone for help. If you have any suggestion for a good mobile game (paid or free), please share them with me. Also I don't want games that you have to wait long times in for something to happen (for example Clash of Clans). Thanks!
  4. Mid

    Hi there.

    You finally introduced yourself? What took ya so long?
  5. Use this instead. https://warzone.gg/reports
  6. Welcome to the forums!
  7. Won't have to wait 2 years now I guess. I will most likely apply when it comes out.
  8. The second one is really good, I've seen that on servers before. Gotten me out of those situations aswell.
  9. Mid

    Hello :D

    Welcome to the forums!
  10. I'm pretty sure Cinema is only open on movie nights, try connecting on fridays when the movies are playing. Edit: So Cinema is always open.
  11. If the balance was pointless then one gun would be waaaaaaay too powerful and one do no damage. Some people use the Mac because they are good at it. So trust me, the balance is not pointless.
  12. All Around Me Are Familiar Faces.

  13. It would be nice to have new guns on TTT. And also about not getting a gun: you can choose a gun to buy for that round for 200 WZ, or just wait a minute untill people start dying.
  14. Why did you copy my exact post? Get your own things to say or don't post at all.
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