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  1. I honestly think the Garry's Mod servers were one of the reasons I decided to make a full conversion to PC. Quite happy I did. Although my experience was cut short, it certainly wasn't short lived. It was great contributing how I did and playing on the servers. It fed me 700+ hours of blood, gallons of sweat, and maybe even a few tears. idk. I didn't count those. Either way, I'm sad to see the end now. Here's to S&box servers, hopefully.
  2. Sounds good. It'll be fun coming back.
  3. I think the concept on the overall is pretty cool, but I'd say adjust some positions of the text on some knives, as they are placed pretty weirdly. Overall though, cool concept, but maybe make some readjustments of some elements of different knives.
  4. I'm not giving up yet. Good luck to everyone.
  5. I currently identify as GENDERFLUX. Please use the pronoun Ze. If you do not do so rightly, I will become TRIGGERED.
  6. Music Kit Name: Joji Cover Image: https://imgur.com/a/qtL4J - Cover || https://imgur.com/y0X4vKs - Background (Will need to be cropped, there are no images currently usable which are exactly 1024x700.) Kit Description: A compilation of Joji's songs, thought to bring a chill and laid-back vibe to a game if you need it. Why do you want your music kit added to WarZone Gaming?: The first of many I will be hopefully submitting, "Joji" is the first music kit submission I have ever made. I hope to bring his style of lo-fi and chill music to the player's ears effectively and rationally. This music kit uses part of his new album and a few of his songs he had made during his debut to the music scene. All can be fit under the Lo-Fi / Chill category of music. I hope this can be accepted, and also hope I can make more of these for you all to hear. Thanks for reading. <3
  7. cali


    Log out, don't use the forums. Terminating your forum account is not possible, to my knowledge. If you simply drop the forums and log out of your account, you shouldn't need to worry about it ever again.
  8. Favourite Game - Gmod tbh, it's the only game I play these days Favourite TV Show - N/A, Hardly watch TV enough Favourite Movie - Jason Bourne Favourite Console - Nintendo Switch, like Blazing said. Best Moment - Personal. :3
  9. This could be heavily abused, so this would have to be made strictly exclusive or we would need to use preset tags and prevent people without a certain power to use exclusive tags.
  10. I'll probably make some soon idk excited to see what people submit <3
  11. As the saying goes; "New Year, New Me!" So, do you have any Resolutions for 2018? Personally, I just wanna be alive to see the end of it.
  12. With the coming of 2018, I'm curious; What is the most random "First of 2018!" thing you have ever done? Some people say "YO, FIRST PISS OF 2018 LOLE!" or stuff like that. Mine is personally doing my first fidget spinner spin of 2018. Managed to find a spinner lying around.
  13. Happy New Year. Here's to 2018. <3
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