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  1. I think that by Updating the Trade Up system it would encourage people to buy guns they may not need to get a gun they can get through a trade up and make profit. Just like in real CS:GO when doing trade ups you only get guns from the same set such as Bank Collection. Only works on guns from pink and lower and some guns give you no profit / split even, some lose profit and some make profit making it a risk that can pay off. This would add more fun into the trade up system which currently only provides store skins and a very very small chance to make profit. Thanks for reading and hope you like my suggestion. Let me know what you think. sorry ZeRo if this is already on the 'Roadmap'.
  2. Hey, I would like to make a suggestion that may make getting multiple sets worth the time and money. At the moment what ever gloves you equip stay on both CT and T. I think that if you were able to equip gloves and knifes for separate teams, for example, On CT having Specialist Gloves | Infected and a Talon | Hex and then on T you could equip Bloodhound Gloves | Charred and a Bayonet | Black Pearl. This would make customization more interesting and fun for all the players.
  3. Don't worry I can do that in my edit at the weekend. Thanks for the Offer
  4. Thanks for the Feed Back just Didn't Really think of that.
  5. Music kit name: Greyhound Cover Image: Background Image: Kit Description: This kit is a Music Kit based off Swedish House Mafia - Greyhound. This music kit was hard to make as a lot of the track is similar however I have tried varying the track by looping the some beats making them last longer making the Music Kit not just have the Exact same Vibe all round in every aspect. The music kit contain a more intense part for the Bomb Count Down and the Better sounding beats for the MVP which will be what is heard by most Why do you want your music kit to be added to WarZone Gaming: I would love to have my own Music Kit in the game and one that others can use and enjoy using as their MVP, Main Menu, Count Down etc. The music kit took around 2 days to finish completely so I would love if this was added to the game Additional Comments: Here is a Link to the Video of me showing the Music Kit (try and Ignore Shooting at Start):
  6. I understand this Point of View thanks for your Opinion
  7. The Idea: Allows Players to Build a Base without Being Killed Allows Players to Repair a Base without Being Killed Restrictions on the Mode: Have to wait 10 Minutes to Enable again. Takes 10 seconds to activate meaning people cant abuse it when being shot. Takes 10 seconds to deactivate meaning people cante abuse it to kill players before they have a chance. Sends a Message in the Chat such as "|WZ|Benn warzone.gg Has Enabled Build Mode" Sends a Message in the Chat such as "|WZ|Benn warzone.gg Has Disabled Build Mode" Guns cannot be Equiped in Build Mode. Hope you all Like my Idea.
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