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  1. Corporal Lance

    A report

    Heads up: go to the servers tab > reports > new report :)) make sure you supply their steam account id etc.
  2. Corporal Lance

    [SUGGESTION] Competitive Gamemodes and Ping

    Just a note on the ping thing.. Sometimes ping will shoot high for a brief second, everyone will have it. It would be annoying if they constantly get kicked for it. Can't really control how their internet works, but I do like the concept of it
  3. Corporal Lance

    Genuine Howl Pin Competition

    I TRIED OKAY?... :<
  4. Corporal Lance


    "Apply" at the top, then "new application".
  5. Corporal Lance

    Introducing Update 15 - The SurfDM #2 Update

    Outstanding work
  6. Corporal Lance


    Well I shall give you the knowledge that i am 504,576,000,000 milliseconds old
  7. Corporal Lance

    Specialist | Stargazer

  8. Corporal Lance

    AK-47 | Segments

    Thank you!
  9. Corporal Lance

    AWP | Velvet

    Skin Name: Velvet Weapon/Glove: Weapon/AWP Images: Skin Description: High risk and high reward, the infamous AWP is recognizable by its signature report and one-shot, one-kill policy. Squilliam Fancyson is proud. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I thought, like my MP5 version, it would be a great asset and only a few of a kind. External images used: Additional Comments: Yes, it doesn't have golden lines like the MP5. Reason being, it would just blur and go all funky so I just left it out. I'm sorry but I hope it's enough.
  10. Corporal Lance

    AK-47 | Segments

    Skin Name: Segments Weapon/Glove: Weapon/AK-47 Images: Skin Description: Powerful and reliable, the AK-47 is one of the most popular assault rifles in the world. It is most deadly in short, controlled bursts of fire. It's colour segments are a great conversation starter. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: Since this is my first AK-47 skin, I wanted to go all out. So I decided to create my own patterns and slap 'em precisely on the template. I feel like I have outdone myself. External images used: All made by myself. Additional Comments: I have created a Tec-9 version. If this gets great feedback I will upload that one soon along with some other weapon variants!
  11. Corporal Lance

    Skins For The RPG

    I have no idea if this has been requested or not (I have searched it but haven't found anything), but would it be possible to have skins for the RPG? I would love to create come skins for it but I have no idea what OBJ and texture it is.
  12. Corporal Lance

    The Quotes Topic

  13. Corporal Lance

    Hiya, It'sa Me.

    Thankies :333 My numeracy is all done now. Just gotta do the easy ones XD
  14. Corporal Lance

    Hiya, It'sa Me.

    Aye im tryna make my self happy (<yeah right)... Also i just applied for BTEC Interactive Media level 1 xD

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